iPhone test footage

I took some footage on my new iPhone 4 today and edited it together. The auto controls are nice and it seems to be nice quality. I’m glad I held out and didn’t buy a Flip or equivalent.

Here’s how it looks:

iPhone cometh

Today I’m expecting my iPhone to arrive. I’m so obsessed with its arrival that every time I woke up last night, I tracked it.

I tracked it probably 6 times.

FYI, right now it’s in Chicago at a distribution facility. At 4 a.m. it was in Indianapolis. Yesterday it spent the day in Anchorage AK.

Steve, did you greet it at the facility and keep it warm for me?

My neighbor Nadine called me yesterday and asked if I would take her to get an MRI out in the suburbs today. It will probably take 3 or 4 hours to do. Of course my giving, loving, atheist self took over and told her, “Of course, I’ll take you. No problem.” My selfish self thought, “What about my phone! It might come when I’m not home!”

You know, if I wait for the phone, it won’t get here until 5 p.m. anyway. It’s a bit superstitious, but it seems inevitable. It’s like when I’m at the grocery store, I inevitably get the line that a person pays with a check and the receipt tape runs out. So there I am with my tomato paste, a six pack and my smiling face reassuring the bitch in front of me that it’s okay that she’s paying with a check, the cashier is fumbling over a new roll of paper and they decide to do a price check on two pair of children’s sunglasses that she thought was buy one get one.

Somedays a quick trip to the grocery store takes me upwards of five years.

I thought about the iPhone delivery when Nadine called, and I knew right away that I’d rather miss the delivery than miss an opportunity to help her. Nadine has had a series of back injuries that really suck. Someday I’ll be in a similar boat, and I want people to be that kind of a person to me if the roles were reversed.

Anyway, don’t forget to do something selfless today. Maybe do a lot of selfless.

It does the body good.

If I get my phone, I’ll get all zealous and update with tons of pictures and video. You may not recognize me except for the bags under my eyes seeing I stayed up like a school boy waiting for Christmas to come last night.