Nothing says “Undercover” like these sunglasses

One of my favorite sites in the world is DealMac. It’s not just Mac stuff. It’s geek fare that I like to keep my eyes on. It updates me with what gadgetry is available and approximately how much it costs.

I noticed these spy camera glasses on there today. There wasn’t photo, just a link. I was curious what spy glasses looked like.

Let me say, that if you are being spied on with these glasses and you can’t figure that out, you’re in trouble. If you want a pair of your own, go here. $25, What a deal!.

Although, they may have come in handy today. I was at the gym over lunch and I went out by a pool to cool down. There were a few other people out there. At one point, a woman exits the bathroom with her bikini top well above her right nipple. I wasn’t close enough to tell her, but I was close enough to see it.

She jumped into the pool, and her top went even higher exposing her entire breast. I caught some faces with other people who noticed too. The woman was oblivious. No one had the nerve to say something or to gesture to her to pull it down.

To make things worse, she ended up swimming chest up in the water for about a minute before she finally figured out that her top was up. She didn’t seem phased by it.

Really it’s not such a big deal. It’s a nipple. We’ve Americanized the sexualization of the nipple. And for what?

We really are a nation of hypocrites aren’t we? A man can walk down the street half naked and people don’t bat an eye. Or by the pool, people of all shapes and sizes are minimally dressed, bending over, legs spread, skin showing. If it weren’t for the tight, soaking wet bathing suit people are wearing, I’d know exactly what you look like nude.

But you get into a public place, and people gawk at the first sign that a woman’s underwear might be showing. I don’t get it.

I’ll tell you what I do like though. I like when people who by some standards or by someone else’s opinion should cover up, does not. I like to see people who might not necessarily look the “part” strip down and sunbathe with the rest of ’em.

I like a person to say, “Fuck it, I love the way I look.” It’s as if to say, “Fuck convention, fuck the status quo and fuck the people who tell me how I should look.”

By the way, I’m looking for models for my next shoot. And I think you’d do great!

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