“I have to criticize this” of the day

Much like your Aunt Mae, I’ve been following the Zach Anner story as closely as I might follow any other bust-out, break-through internet sensation.

And much like all things FOX News, they really screwed up this interview with Anner.

Someone needs to call up FOX and let them know that when you’re interviewing a funny guy, the interviewer shouldn’t try to be funny, too, especially in the hackneyed bullshit way that jagoff attempted.

One person in a duo being funny and the other straight isn’t NEW news. Abbott and Costello. Lucille and Ricky. Turner and Hooch. It’s a formula that works, because it’s tried and true. It’s practically fucking scientific.

Take the Daily Show. Whenever the corespondents go out on interviews, they ask the interviewees to try not to be funny. The tendency is to try, but it makes for bad comedy. They will edit the interviewees’ attempts to be droll out. Only one of the people in a scene with two people should be funny or it comes off as ridiculous.

Basically, you took Zach’s act and tried to steal it from him, therefore rendering him possibly unlikeable by your audience. So thanks for dropping Zach down in possible ratings, you douchebags.

What’s this guy’s name? Steven Crowder? Steven, this message is for you. You’re a dumbass.

2 thoughts on ““I have to criticize this” of the day

  1. I’m not as connected to the internets enough; I missed this awesome wad of drama build-up.

    Obligatory “lol fauxnews trying to be cool”.

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