Maddow offers a short list of Obama’s accomplishments so far

You can watch it here. Did I say short? I meant, the opposite of short.


10 thoughts on “Maddow offers a short list of Obama’s accomplishments so far

  1. I haven’t heard of half of these; I’m either not paying attention to the right sources, those sources aren’t reporting said accomplishments, or no one talks much about his accomplishments and instead focuses entirely on OMG SOCIALISM R BAD like fucktards.

    1. I haven’t heard of a lot of these things either. It worries me that it comes from a liberal news agency.

      I’m hoping ol’ Glock weighs in on this one. I’m interested in his reponse.

      I’d also be interested in my old man’s thoughts since he thought Reagan was a god and he follows the news over at FOX.

      1. The Reagan stuff is old news (and yes the Reagan worshippers like to kick it under the rug to rationalize their current party purification silliness). The Obama stuff generally all needs a “, but…” attached to it, but is otherwise an accurate list. Many of things were good things imo, but it depends on opinion. Some of it was based on popular myths (e.g. crumbling infrastructure meme after that bridge fell – that persisted even though it wasn’t a funding issue, but a design one). Some of it shouldn’t have been lumped in with a notion of new/unique/unprecedented.

        One thing that seemed odd about her overall spiel was the implication that there was something about Obama himself that made all these things possible… as if the super majority in congress and the ever-changing views of the public making it possible wasn’t as important as some mythical leadership trait of Obama. The reason many of the listed things only recently passed was that they only recently had enough popular and congressional support to get them done.

        The massive spending influx, which has massive debt ramifications… was out of desperation and supported by both public and congressional terror of the economic system collapsing. The “trust funds” are still being raided and debt sold at rates that would make a first term Dubya look like a fiscal conservative. The CBO has our annual cost on debt (repayments/interest) and the trust fund based programs sucking up 95% of all actual tax revenue by 2020 at the White House’s budget proposals… leaving 5% of actual tax revenue to pay for everything from infrastructure to defense to veterans benefits, etc etc.

        I’d be more impressed if he had some plan to get us out of that brick wall of debt we keep racing to faster and faster. Hoping for a “green tech bubble” seems a wee bit underwhelming.

        Why she listed firing the general he himself picked to run the Afghanistan mission was an odd one too… granted, these things happen. Lincoln ran into the same problem… but it’s certainly not something he’d list as a proud moment. Especially for a war where his strategy requires agreement and cooperation that we all now know he doesn’t even have within his picks of the top leadership on his end. Not sure why she’d bring it up the topic… it’s not his best subject.

        One generally expects to pass some of the stuff one likes after winning an election. One would be expecting quite a bit more (and without the “buts”) if they won and got a supermajority in congress. Bush didn’t have a supermajority but the republicans loved a lot of the stuff that got changed in his first few years… letting the useless “scary weapon” ban expire, across the board tax cuts (that dems like to pretend only applied to rich people), reorganizing the dysfunctional intel agencies, increasing the VA budget more in 2 years than clinton did in 8, finally getting aggressive with state sponsors of terrorism, etc. There were lots of “buts” with that too… and whether one liked it or not came down to opinion… and some of it was out of necessity more than due to any leadership traits. Though getting a lot of the things done did require getting a lot of democrats on board since they didn’t have super majorities.

        I guess I’m just not as impressed as Rachael is. And I honestly don’t think she’s any more impressed than hypocritical spin-crazy hyperbolic right-wing pundits are when they’re sucking up to their audience and propping up their ideology.

        She’s not entirely wrong, but like all pundits she is entirely full of crap.

        That’s my opinion anyways. 🙂

  2. I think Maddow is just trying to put the “Obama has been a major disappointment” meme into a realistic perspective. Politics is about a narrative, and if you won’t write it, someone else will. That’s how we get Fox News.
    Obama has fallen short on some key promises in his election campaign, but has overall done some very positive things.
    I think that with the expectations that followed him into office, how could he not have been a disappointment. Our great mythical heros all had a real story to build a mythology on, we gave Barack a mythology and asked him to live up to our fantasy.

  3. Rachel is usually spot on – trust her good judgement plus believe President Obama has been amazing considering what he has had to put up with ….

    The man is a Saint as well as a genius at times !

    Dislike that he has been brickwalled so often just because GOP cannot stand to have lost 2008 elections

    GOP does not care about our country getting out of trouble unless is under their supervision so that they can beat drummed their chests and declare political victory

    it is all too sad …… did not use to be like this !!
    had they backed our President out of the mess they created
    we would be well ahead of the game !!

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  5. One thing she said with Dan Rather last night I found particularly true and that was the unwillingness of the Obama campaign to talk more about what he had accomplished as preisdent and less about the Romney flaws. Spend less time villifying your opponent and more time beating your own drums. She said that may be something they will look back on with regret if Obama loses the re-election.

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