How do respond to bigots

I grabbed this on Sunday at the Gay Pride Parade. The idiots who preach at events like this need to stop embarrassing themselves. What morons. If their message were so great, it would stand on its own merits. They should revel in their “superiority” and leave the rest of the world alone.

Or they can keep giving us ammunition against them. Seems like the message of turning the other cheek was very lost on these idiots.

Via me


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I was looking through my images from yesterday’s Gay Pride Parade in Chicago to find something that defined the spirit of the day. I thought this one stood out the best.

Shh … quiet please

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been waiting to hear back from my Dad about the possibility of tagging along with him on a missions trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia.

The details are very shaky at the moment, and until I get my hands on a plane ticket, I’m not definitely going.

The purpose of the trip would be to “minister” to displaced Montagnards living in refuge camps and prisons living in those areas.

My Dad called yesterday and asked how serious I was about going, and I said very. He said some money has come in that would potentially allow me to go. We’re still looking into airfare and there are other budget considerations necessary before my involvement would be green lighted.

My involvement would be to provide a helping hand and also to document the trip photographically. I’ve traveled a good amount internationally, and I would be thrilled to be able to get over to those areas with my current photographic arsenal.

But since the details are still iffy, I have been keeping quiet about it for the most part. Now that there’s a better chance I’ll go, I wanted to write about it.

It has occupied my morning, because I would be gone for two weeks in July returning with plenty of time to scoot down to Asheville, NC to photograph regular reader Xina’s wedding on August 1.

I’m nothing short of excited, and yes, the fact that I’m a non-believer has been discussed. Dad brought it up in the initial discussions, and I was happy he did so.

Anyway, the quiet won’t be too long, as I’ll get some other blogging in this morning, I’m sure.