How do respond to bigots

I grabbed this on Sunday at the Gay Pride Parade. The idiots who preach at events like this need to stop embarrassing themselves. What morons. If their message were so great, it would stand on its own merits. They should revel in their “superiority” and leave the rest of the world alone.

Or they can keep giving us ammunition against them. Seems like the message of turning the other cheek was very lost on these idiots.

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5 thoughts on “How do respond to bigots

  1. Yes, they have the right to preach on the street like that. Yes, we also have the right to ridicule them on the street like that. Win!

    When will the religious people understand that it does absolutely no good for them to do crap like this. If anyone cared, they would already be a member of a church somewhere. If you want to play “used car salesman” and try to drum up business, please do it with a TV or radio ad instead of standing on the street yelling like an idiot. The rest of the world would surely appreciate it, because then we could always turn it off.

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  3. Advertising your wares at somebody else’s blog that has nothing to do with what you’re pushing is like… is like preaching your religion at a Pride event.

    1. Well, shit. I meant to mark the above comment as spam. I was on my phone and I must have hit Dan’s. I got a message with your response, and I was confused who the hell you were talking to.


      I went ahead and edited the spam comment above to remove links, so your response wouldn’t be out of context.

      I get about 50 of these spam messages a day. Most of them go to Spam Limbo waiting to be deleted. This one did not.

      1. Oh, don’t worry about me 😀 Go ahead and delete the spam and my response as well if you like.

        (I guess that would also mean deleting your response to my response and this response as well)

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