Happy 4th of July everybody. Let freedom ring-a-ding dong ding!

I hope you have a great fourth of July and you are able to spend it with a load of loved ones.

Drop a comment with what you’re up to. We went to a cookout last night with a few friends. We played that bags game.

I had a beer that I’ve never had before, and now I’m kicking myself because I can’t remember what it was. I’ll find out. It was a India Pale Ale that came in a 16 oz. can. If you happen to magically know what it was I was drinking, I’d be forever grateful.

Today we’re going to cookout with my brother in law and his partner. Hopefully we’ll make something amazing. I’m in the mood for a big bad meal.

And then later I’m going to cross the street and hangout with the folks across the street who always blow off the best fireworks into their alley. Here’s a couple shots from last year.

3 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July everybody. Let freedom ring-a-ding dong ding!

  1. We had our big day on 1st July (we’re 3 days ahead of you, but also 109 years behind! 😛 )

    I had friends over and tried out a couple of new recipes.

    The Queen was in town and unveiled a life-size statue of Oscar Peterson. I got a picture of the statue but somehow the Queen kept avoiding me (I can’t imagine why?).

    Fireworks in the evening. Whee!

  2. We did nothing celebratory for July 4th – it was actually kind of nice with the no crowds, no noisy babies, no crap food. Instead we went for a bike ride through Minnehaha Falls (Minneapolis, MN), we people-watched and walked around the Mall of America, and then we went home and watched Paul Giamatti’s “Cold Souls”.

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