Excited and nervous

I leave on Thursday for my whirlwind trip to Asia. I’m excited and nervous.

To get ready, Tina and I have been getting things done that we should have done long ago. You can start calling her Secretary Tina Serafini, as she is officially the r25 productions, inc. secretary.

We also finally got a joint banking and savings account. It’s only been two years since our wedding.

I have been updating the arsenal of equipment I’m taking with me. I now have a 24-105 mm lens, a couple new flash accessories, more batteries, memory cards, and luggage to carry it in.

I’ve been booking jobs right up until I leave. Tomorrow I’m shooting a few stills at The Merchandise Mart. Wednesday I’m shooting a short video segment with Lori Stafford of Fiserv. And I have another editing project to complete and a brochure to layout before I go.

While I’m on the road, I’ll be taking work along, but it’s not going to be easy. I know I’ll have Internet access at certain places, but I have no idea how much access I’ll have the entire time. My work typically depends on access to the Internet.

Plus, I’m not going to want to work on those projects while I’m gone. I’m going to want to work on traveling, shooting and soaking up the experience abroad.

Tina and I are seriously considering adopting a dog. We’re meeting with one tonight. I think I’ll elect our dog our treasurer, just to round out the company.

Our efforts to conceive have been frustrating. Thinking we would have become pregnant by now, we put off adopting a dog thinking that adjusting to a dog and a baby would have been a lot for us to handle.

Now, we’re like, “Fuck it. Let’s get a dog.”

I’ll let you know if the next Wittifini will be a K-9 later tonight.

5 thoughts on “Excited and nervous

  1. Kinda long story short, no.

    They only wanted to do a “home visit” and we needed to introduce her to Zoe. Only they made us force Zoe in the room, which I knew wasn’t going to work.

    The two women who brought “Wilma” over weren’t controlling her very well, so she was jumping at the end of her leash.

    Zoe doesn’t stay in the room if her brother and partner are here. How is she going to stay in the room if there’s a whimpering dog jumping around?

    I want them to come back over, but I want to introduce her to Zoe after I have the dog on the lead. I’ve had better success in the past with dogs and Zoe.

    Added, since I’m going out of town, we wouldn’t be officially adopting until I get back anyway.

  2. They wanted you to force Zoe to come in the room? That’s sounds like a terrible idea! Plus, they should have tired that dog out before bringing it over.

    I hope you guys find a perfect match. Keep us posted!

    1. Believe me. I was irritated when they brought her in and she wasn’t recently exercised. She was noticeably bad, and I tried very hard to encourage them to sit down and calm Wilma down before we brought Zoe in or before we even brought Wilma into a room Zoe was already in.

      Next time I want to take Wilma on a short jog and bring her in the house myself. I think it might make a difference for Zoe if I’m the one in control. Plus, I wouldn’t let Zoe come in if Wilma was anxious in any way.

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