In Abu Dhabi

I’m sitting in the Abu Dhabi airport waiting for my next flight to Bangkok.

I’m kicking myself, because I thought I would be able to skype call Tina from here via the internet, but they have it firewalled.

In the meantime, I haven’t been able to contact her. I was able to send her a text from inside my ATT account, but I don

The flight was okay. I watched some OnDemand movies while I worked. I kind of watched “Date Night” (which was funny) and “Clash of the Titans” which kind of blew, especially on a small screen, and “Cop Out” which was quite possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Kevin Smith directed it, and he or the writer paid all these homage moments to Bruce Willis movies.

The food on the plane sucked. The staff on the plane could have been a little friendlier, but they were fine.

I was toward the back of the plane, and apart from one other girl in my row, we could stretch out a little bit and rest. I’m not sure I slept, but I was able to snooze a little.

The best thing to do when traveling for this long is to go into a state of apathy and calm. I learned this from my brother and dad who when they traveled, let everything slide. Nothing bothered them, because everything worked out in the end.

Although I have to say that this was the first time that I’ve been on a plane in which the languages the captain and flight attendants go between are English and Arabic. I’m not sure what I want to comment about it. I feel like if I say something negative, because I’m using the airport’s Wi-Fi, some secret agent is going to pull me through a secret doorway and I’ll never be seen again.

It wasn’t necessarily positive, but I’ll leave it at that naive and nebulous interpretation.

In the waiting area for the plane, there are tons of different ethnicities and backgrounds here. I can hear French, German, Arabic and Thai in my general surroundings.

There are women in full-on hijabs, or whatever they’re called. I just did a quick google, and since I’m out of the country, the google search rendered Arabic results.

When I was in the bathroom giving myself a French bath, there were two men in there and they couldn’t figure out how to use the automatic sink and soap dispensers. It was a scene out of a poorly written sitcom. I finally turned to them and showed pantomimed how to do it.

One of them said shakily, “Thank you.”

I know! Everything I’ve written is SOOO exciting.

I better stop writing. I almost lost all of this post from a shaky connection.
If you stop by, please leave me some comments so I can feel special when I get into Thailand. I’m beating my dad and Jimmy to Bangkok by six hours. Maybe more. So I’ll be looking for something to do when I get there.