Frustrating day


Today was frustrating for Jimmy and Pieter. The doors weren’t opened for them. They had so much confidence that you could practically hear the flatulent balloon fart emit from all around when they heard they’re not going to get into the camp here.

I mean, the place is literally in their hands. All they have to do is open the doors, but they can’t.

The red tape is thick here. Cambodian bureaucracy is worse than getting in and out of a Walmart in BooFoo, Texas on a Friday night.

We leave tomorrow night, which is noon for you 24 hours from now (Tuesday noon).

I’m excited to get home. Cambodian food isn’t good. Thai food we can handle because we have a version of it in the States. We don’t know Cambodian culture to save our lives. The flavors are nothing like you’ve ever tasted.

I’m sure you can’t wait for me to get back too. I’ve heard your weeping and gnashing of teeth from here … you pussy cats.

4 thoughts on “Frustrating day

  1. Now you’ve got me curious about Cambodian food. I love Thai food, so how bad can Cambodian food be?

    *goes off to search for Cambodian cookbooks*

  2. Maybe using north American meats it would be okay. But here, the meats taste so badly I can’t stand it. And I have eaten some nasty-ass meat.

    The flavors here and the local odors will turn your stomach inside out.

  3. It’s the same meat you can find in America… we just don’t usually serve Kung Meow Chicken… and KFC doesn’t give you the option of white meat or bark meat. :-\

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