Mike Huckabee and Tim LaHaye on Obama and the End Times

Idiots say the darndest things.

Via Atheist Media

2 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee and Tim LaHaye on Obama and the End Times

  1. A few observations:
    1) I’m always confused by all these evangelical conservatives and the way they deal with world events that supposedly herald the second coming of Christ. If god did truly predict the end and the events leading to the Rapture are indeed inevitable, then why do they rally so ferociously against any of it? If they truly believed that the Obama admin. (or the left in this country for that matter) were fulfilling prophecy, why not just politely point it out for the believers, pray, and let it happen? Aren’t you going to a better place after all is said and done anyway? Why try and impede that which has been commanded by the omnipotent one?
    Instead this reeks of people who don’t buy for a second what they preach. These are just hypocrites who tell you the end is near, rejoice! but then turn around and fight tooth and nail against the very forces which are supposed to bring about judgement and eternal happiness for the “true” believers. What’s up with that?
    2) These people need to find a better talking point and just stop already with with the socialist bogeyman. Look, when the top leaders of the socialist movement deny and denounce Obama’s actions as being purely capitalist; when they say that everything this administration does goes against the entire platform of the socialist movement, it’s time to give it up!
    3) Let’s talk about confirmation bias, a concept apparently novel to Pastor LaHaye. When you painfully twist the ramblings of a 2000 year old book to “fit” events that happened afterwards and then scream, “see, the Bible said so!” you are engaging in the logical fallacy of confirmation bias. Look it up, it is very simple! When you ignore the fact that the story of Jesus was first written at least 2 generations after his death, that it was put together to try and fit Old Testament prophecies (and poorly assembled at that!) and when you ignore the very, very human process that brought the Bible into existence you just come across as a naive sap! Telling me that the Bible predicted this or that event is tantamount to those horrible shows on the History channel that seek to validate Nostradamus’ writings or the ramblings of Edgar Cayce as prophecy. It’s just not good enough so again please stop! please? huh? ok??

    Sorry for the long rant J!

  2. Luis!

    Thanks for your comment, man!

    You can rant any time.

    I wish I had more time to respond. You rock!

    Talk to you soon,


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