Worry no more

I know how worried some of you were about my safety. I landed last night in Chicago, and have spent all my time holding onto Tina as if she were full of helium and would float away if I let go.

My first order of business after showering and loving on Tina was to go to Whole Paycheck and buy two of the best dry-aged ribeye steaks they had on display. I grilled them with some potatoes. Damn, that hit the spot.

We watched TV for a little while and then I crashed.

My kneejerk quick responses about the trip as a whole:

  • In case you didn’t notice, I was happily using “Jezzasia” and “Cambo First Mud” to tag my trip entries. Congrats to Petursey and Glock for helping with those.
  • I’m extremely glad I went on this trip. Hospital stay and all, it was a great adventure. I was able to hang out with my dad for 2 weeks. And even with a few conversations about politics and religious philosophies, we were able to bond and make memories not to be forgotten.
  • It felt good to be able to tell foreigners that I’m not a Christian. I was asked a few times.
  • It was also cool to meet people not infiltrated by the Yeshua Fog. In fact, my dad made a comment one day, “There’s a Buddhist Temple on every block.” My response, “Some say the same thing about the Christian church.” He said, “Really?”
  • When Jimmy started preaching, he was often ignored. People simply weren’t interested. They were in their land surrounded by their religious ideologies. They had no use for Jesus and they made that clear.  There was one Christian who ended up hurting Jimmy. He stole some money from Jimmy after they had begun to trust each other. I’ll tell that story soon.
  • Do not, I repeat DO NOT, fly UNITED AIRLINES internationally if you can help it. Holy shit. They are the most unfriendly bunch of people on an international flight. They pluck the ugliest, dumbest lot of flight attendants possible and stuff them all in packed planes and make sure you are as miserable as they are for 14 hours. When possible, choose another airline. United International sucks.
  • Cambodia offered the worst smells and worst food I’ve ever experienced on Earth. There’s a reason you don’t get a craving to order out Khmer. Unless you’re from there, it’s AWFUL.
  • If you’re going to get an acute gastric infection in Asia, do it in Thailand. If you get one in Cambodia, you may get an unwanted, first-hand look at the Killing Fields.
  • Finally, I’ll be able to start sentences all hoity toity like, “When I was in Cambodia …” or “When I was in Thailand …”

I’ll be updating more on my trip. Today I have to catch up on some work. Tomorrow Tina and I leave for Asheville, NC to shoot regular reader Xina’s wedding. She’s so excited I could feel it from goddamn Cambodia. I got an email that she’s update her email address with her new last name and everything. I’m so excited to shoot her big day. Like everyone, she deserves great happiness and her future husband is someone I am certainly glad she’s ending up with. Yay!

After Asheville, my brother is going to drive and pick us up to take us back to High Point, NC where we’ll stay for 3 days before returning to Chicago. Tina and I will be staying at the Witteveen compound and we hope to squeeze my two nieces’ cheeks as much as possible. My dad gets back from Asia on Tuesday morning. And we leave again on Wednesday evening. (You writing this down, SAW?).

Anybody else got any vacation plans coming up? I’m looking forward to hearing more of Biodork’s trip to Italy.

3 thoughts on “Worry no more

  1. I’m still surprised to hear that about Cambodian food.

    Glad to hear the experience was positive for you, despite the hospital thingy!

    1. It’s good to be back.

      Jude, I can’t figure out what I can’t explain about Cambodian food. But I hope you find out. Let me know what you find out.

      I mean, it could have been that I was so antifood at that point that nothing tasted good. But I could be wrong.

      Hey Glock, your respond to that guy on the Adam and Eve Incest post was GREAT. Thanks so much. I was excitedly reading it to Tina on the plane.

      Curious how that dude responds.



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