Nothing like a couple-ah stone boobies …

This story is nearly as dumb as Richard Ashcroft draping the Lady Justice because he kept getting framed by photographers with boobies in the background.

From Arbroath:

A sea life centre was forced to cover up a topless mermaid today – after young lads were caught ‘ogling’ her ample treasure chest.

Marine staff at Chessington World Of Adventures, Greater London, took action following reports of visitors getting steamed-up by stone statue Sally in their underwater tunnel.

A diver was sent into the tank to fit Sally with a bikini to protect her modesty and the leering male attention.

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Anniversary!

Tina and I are celebrating two, fun-filled, loving, amazing, wonderful years of marriage today.

Of course we’re celebrating it with Talulah. Frankly, she’s eclipsed the celebration a little. We just did a 30-second meeting with Zoe. Talulah laid in her crate like, whatever, and Zoe hissed and ran off. Ahh, progress.

Talulah is a sweet girl, and she’s assimilated well for only being here two days.

The tough stuff has been getting her up and down the stairs. She wants to rocket both ways. This morning I went up and down with her no less than eight times.

Right now she’s crashed in her crate while I’m working.

Tina and I will likely go celebrate with a dinner Monday or Tuesday night. When we saw regular reader SAW, he turned us on to the possibility of going to Frontera Grill or another Rick Bayless restaurant when he and his wife get their asses up here to visit soon (and I mean soon, damnit).

We’ve never been to a Rick Bayless restaurant. We’ve talked about it. We got engaged at Morton’s Steakhouse, but I get the feeling Tina isn’t in the mood to return.

Marriage is great. I highly recommend it to all my friends. Well, unless you’re gay. Then you have to fucking wait until half of this country grows up.

I am not sure I was aware this happened

Reblogged from The Daily

In May of 1991, several members of the direct action LGBT group Queer Nation infiltrated the set of the Arsenio Hall Show and verbally accosted the Arsenio Hall for allegedly refusing to invite openly gay filmmaker Gus Van Sant (who had just released My Own Private Idaho). Hall took their accusations personally, and the heated exchange that followed is considered one of the most memorable moments in talk show history.