Worn out

Damn if this dog isn’t wearing me out.

I think I might still be jetlagged. I’m seriously not trying to milk it for all it’s worth. I’ve been moving pretty fast since being in Asia. When I got sick, I really never took time to relax and recover.

Once I got back, I’ve had two weddings to shoot, now Talulah. I need a vacation.

Next week, we’re scheduled to go with my brother-in-law Michael and his partner Jason on a short road trip. It is a priority to spend time with them so it’s not really an option to stay home. Although I might find myself working a good part of the trip.

We’re planning on taking Talulah at this point.

I’m frustrated, because the morning ritual is very difficult. I want her to be calm, and she’s barely making it all the way down the stairs before she pees. Plus her poops aren’t solid. They are really stinky and watery. Maybe not diarrhea quality, but not good BMs — if you know what I mean.

She’s really good in the crate, and she seemed fine when we left the house yesterday. It’s exiting the crate that gets on my nerves.

Plus, I’m frustrated because I don’t know how to get her to fetch a ball and bring the damn thing back. I guess it’s all part of a process.

I have to finish some editing this morning. I am going to get the blog back up with better updates. This shit is ridiculous.