Ben Quayle, every politician, could learn from Filipino Politics

Hell, even that ignorant troll who popped in on this post could learn from this bout of honesty.


Proof (FINALLY!!!) that evolution is bunk

I have posted clippings like this that ended up being faked. If you find out otherwise, please let me know.

Otherwise, it makes me talk in a whiny voice and say, “I tried to make evowution work and it just wouldn’t.” Then I kick the ground and say, “Aw shucks!”

Via reddit.

A Short Story: “The service industry”

You’re on the cleaning staff at the Hotel Marriott downtown Chicago on a Saturday night. Your supervisor calls your name. She tells you there’s a mess to clean up in the women’s bathroom near the marriage party by the seventh floor banquet hall. You roll your yellow mop cart to the bathroom. You bring your bucket of cleaning products.

You find alcohol-laden vomit thickened with masticated chicken and green vegetables spread over the sink and floor. As vomit stew drips to the floor, you hear the splats hit floor like clockwork.

While you sop up the ooze holding your breath not to gag, that’s when it’s completely cool to say, “I fucking hate this job.”