The Pullmans WA … I honked their tonks … hard.

Some of you may remember the clash between myself and the Pullman WAs. They trolled over to the café and babied their way through some of the most inane religiosity I have seen on the Internets.

There was a book challenge in which they failed miserably. There were long discussions that Glock singlehandedly won, trouncing their childish attempts at logic.

I noticed a couple hits from their blog lately, and I noticed a new and improved Pullman site for babies and toddlers. It’s awesome!

I noticed a poll on their NEW and IMPROVED site that was just ridiculous. It featured the same old scare tactics riddled within religion. The question was:

“Are you good enough to go to heaven?”

My favorite answer was, “I don’t believe in heaven or hell.” So I answered it, and I noticed that I was the only respondent in that category. I sent my friends a note saying, “Hey, let’s ruin this poll.” We did.

We put the “Don’t believes” into the high 20s.

Then I sent a note to PZ Myers, aka the Pharyngulator.

It’s likely that they are going to remove the poll soon. Or maybe they’ll relish in the fact that they’ve gotten over 3,000 hits in one day, which has to be more than they’ve received in their blog’s lifetime. What a witness!

The new blog is littered with idiocy.

Here’s where the poll is at now (below). Notice there’s no more commenting on their new blog.

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Hey all non-Catholics, yes, you protestants, you’re all going to hell

PZ Myers posted this video (below) and concentrated on the democracy angle. Michael Voris, the guy in the video, says straight out that only Catholics should vote in the USA, because no one else vote for the right issues.


An even better message is that no one else is getting into heaven to see god’s face except Catholics anyway.

Doesn’t that piss you off a little, Christians? Doesn’t it? Don’t you want to tell him he’s going to hell? Don’t you?

Come on! Tell him! Stand up for your version of grace!

“God’s plan”

Spend any time with any religious person (no matter what major religion), and they likely believe in a supernatural fatalism.

They might say, it was god’s plan that you made an A on that test. It was god’s plan that someone helped you through a tough time. It was god’s plan that you didn’t get on that plane and it crashed.

I reunited with my little brother Mark during my last trip to North Carolina. I’m adopted. My birth mother Maria had me when she was 16 going on 17 in 1975. She got married several years later and had my little brother Mark in 1985.

When I met Maria for the first time, I met Mark, too. I was 20; he was 10. Now that he’s older, he showed more of an appreciation and psychological appreciation for hooking up with his big brother.

Mark is married. He married a month after Tina and I back in 2008. He and his wife Taya have a little boy on the way. In appearance, he’s got it together. He’s enjoying his current station in life despite his background.

Long story short, Maria — a wandering, free-spirited soul — somewhat raised him. I say “somewhat” because after Maria divorced Mark’s father, Mark split his time between his mom and dad. He told me, “I felt like, instead of them being my parents, I was theirs. I would live with whoever seemed to need me most at the time.”

How heartbreaking is that?

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