The Pullmans WA … I honked their tonks … hard.

Some of you may remember the clash between myself and the Pullman WAs. They trolled over to the café and babied their way through some of the most inane religiosity I have seen on the Internets.

There was a book challenge in which they failed miserably. There were long discussions that Glock singlehandedly won, trouncing their childish attempts at logic.

I noticed a couple hits from their blog lately, and I noticed a new and improved Pullman site for babies and toddlers. It’s awesome!

I noticed a poll on their NEW and IMPROVED site that was just ridiculous. It featured the same old scare tactics riddled within religion. The question was:

“Are you good enough to go to heaven?”

My favorite answer was, “I don’t believe in heaven or hell.” So I answered it, and I noticed that I was the only respondent in that category. I sent my friends a note saying, “Hey, let’s ruin this poll.” We did.

We put the “Don’t believes” into the high 20s.

Then I sent a note to PZ Myers, aka the Pharyngulator.

It’s likely that they are going to remove the poll soon. Or maybe they’ll relish in the fact that they’ve gotten over 3,000 hits in one day, which has to be more than they’ve received in their blog’s lifetime. What a witness!

The new blog is littered with idiocy.

Here’s where the poll is at now (below). Notice there’s no more commenting on their new blog.

click to enlarge

14 thoughts on “The Pullmans WA … I honked their tonks … hard.

  1. They apparently aren’t up for defending their views anymore from us obnoxious people pointing out that word games and logical fallacies are lousy ways to win an argument.

  2. hahahahaha. I see somebody has some domain envy. Really you should host your blog on your domain … not on wordpress.

    Anyhow, I laughed so hard when I saw that poll … I thought it was you, so I stopped by … and I see I was right. Anyhow, thanks for the publicity for our new site by sending it to good ole PZ.

    As of now, we only have half of our FAQ content on the site…. we’re still working on it.

    And yes, commenting is disabled because I’m going to be very, very busy in the foreseeable future. God has answered my wife and I’s prayers and we are expecting our first child to be born in the next few days. So for now, the site will be static, although we are discussing in the future making it interactive.

    1. Congrats on your growing family. Your father’s day card is in the mail. I’ll look forward to photos.

      I figured you’d pull the poll. Predictable. It was fun while it lasted.


      1. The last screen shot I got was 5112 (98.2%) heathens not believing in heaven or hell out of 5204 votes.

        The rest were split up as follows:

        Yes-fully measure: 30 / 0.6%
        Good enough: 28 / 0.5%
        No who is good enough: 17 / 0.3%
        And trusting in Jesus to save them: 17 / 0.3%

    2. The commenting folks at Pharyngula got a kick out of your silly word game and semantically-challenged “proofs”… there were hardy laughs all around. Glad to see your biggest enemy remains the dictionary and terms having multiple meanings.

      Hope that keeps working out for ya in solidifying your “faith.” heh

  3. Funny how the poll got pulled !! Christofascists and bigoted homophobes like that lot can never take criticism.
    Congratulations on fatherhood Mark and I hope when the little one pops out you see the wonder of nature and reason and don’t abuse your child with religious rubbish.

  4. When we started there were no votes for ‘perfect’ (i.e. I fully measure up to God… blah blah). So, feeling perverse, once I’d put in my vote for the correct answer, I cleared my cookies and voted for that one 5 time. Very amused to see there are 15 more for it. I wonder if any of them are sincere.

  5. Oh, shit, did they ever turn it into a quiz.

    It hurts my eyes to look at. Hey Justin, work on the aesthetics a little … for the sake of your readers. Wow.

    1. The Pharyngula squad is still hitting it, though at a reduced rate. Supposedly if you answer them all “right” you’re a liar who needs to be saved and if you miss any then you are doomed and need to be saved.

  6. Jeremy,
    you are always good for some awsomeness.

    Justin- I don’t know you, but congratulations and best of luck with the new baby. Children are the greatest gift we are given, and they change us for the better.

  7. I “pharyngulated” the poll while it was still up. However, did anyone notice the post “Take The Test”?

    Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how ludicrous it was and I was not disappointed.

    If you click on the test link, it takes you to which immediately causes your synapses to shriek with horror.

    Then when you get to the absolute morality question, you’ll want to punch someone. Go ahead, try it out. I’m not spilling the beans until someone else has the opportunity to make their brain bleed as well.

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