Bring on the Yeshua Ill-i-noise

We’re still on the road to Carbondale, IL, and on the radio there are plenty of religious stations. I stopped on one station and the lyrics were, “Our God is greater. Our God is more powerful…”

My brother-in-law Michael said, “Why do they have to remind themselves that it is always a competition? They aren’t even saying what god or gods are less powerful?”

I said, “interesting point.”

On the road again … to Carbondale

We’re headed to Carbondale this afternoon for our annual trip with my brothers in law. We’re taking Talulah Beans with us. It’s going to be a blast!

Carbondale is in southern Illinois. It’s a university town, but for the most part is small tacos. They have a 24-hour Walmart there, and my brother in law Michael loves shopping there more than a rub down from a hot male prostitute from the region of his choice.

He’ll sometimes leave in the middle of the night (he’s a night owl) and goes shopping. I’m not kidding.

Here’s a link to last year’s post about it. The photos of us wearing Jesus rings is PRICELESS!

Here’s last year’s video:

Music is by my brother Jon (<– Check out his freaking great work, y’all)