Carbondales rocks!

We had a nice drive down to Carbondale yesterday. We got here around 6:30. Talulah did great in the car. It makes me want to adopt her even more!

Michael got a speeding ticket from a CHiPs cop about 20 miles away from our destination. Eighty two in a sixty five.

Damn you, Erik Estrada!

Otherwise, we’re having a great time. Last night we spent an hour at Walmart. We bought some flea and tick medicine for Talulah. We had to drag Michael out kicking and screaming. We swam a little bit in the pool at the house. And we had a couple adult beverages.

This morning, I took Talulah on a short jog, and then we played fetch for about 20 minutes. She’s a rocket dog. When I throw her a stick or ball, she’s blazingly fast.

After breakfast, I had a nice long talk with Jason’s dad while Talulah stayed out of the house. They had a cleaning lady over and wanted to keep Talulah occupied.

My mom called me this morning to let me know her mom passed away last night. I called her back as soon as I got the message. Mom’s doing okay, but she’s definitely experiencing the pain of loss. She went to tears a couple times. My heart is broken for her. I can’t imagine exactly how she must feel.

My grandma’s health has been in decline for some time. Her quality of life had diminished so drastically. As people tend to say in these situations, there is a positive aspect to death over life when the status of one’s health becomes that difficult.

My grandma and I weren’t too close. I imagine I should focus on my feelings of loss, too, because maybe I’m more affected than I currently think.

You might have read here that she and my grandfather inspired me to finally get married. I was opposed to marriage for a long time, because I was a little angry that the Christian view of marriage is found nowhere in the bible. And believe me, I looked and looked and looked. I invite any of you to prove me wrong. The concepts are there. God created man and woman. But they weren’t “married.” In fact, the bible encourages you NOT to get married. For a long time I thought, “Well, if marriage isn’t biblical, I’m not going to do it.”

Once I left religion, I searched for the secular reason for marriage. Richard Dawkins gives a much better argument for monogamy than Christianity ever did. Marriage is scientifically and psychologically advantageous for lots of people.

One day when visiting my grandparents and seeing how sweet they were with each other in their old age, I realized the purpose of marriage isn’t just love, sex, kids and craziness. It’s about getting old together and helping your best friend get to elderlyhood together.

So if you’re not married — or you’re affected by the damn assholes who oppose gay marriage — my personal thoughts on life include finding a mate and loving on them as if you’re married for the rest of your lives. Monogamy is a good thing. It’s not for everyone; but for me, it’s brilliant.

Hey, and while I have your attention, squeeze a loved one today and tell them you love them.