Is god killing off all the big atheists?

First Hitch swallows an evil cancerous pill, now PZ is plaining of heart issues.

The religionistas shall have their hayday.

In other news, I watched a documentary on Hurricane Katrina tonight in which god killed off almost 1,900 innocent people.

And I was reading about the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami today too. Hmm, 300,000 faultless people there.

The Wittifinis officially adopt Talulah

It’s official. We are the proud parents of Talulah Joann Susan Maria Kelly Elizabeth Wilhelmina Michelle Eva Eisley Penelope Lucy (short for Lucifer) Wittifini.

That’s what it now says on our sweet girl’s birth certificate anyway.

I don’t know … is that too long a name?

Regardless, we’ll stick to Talulah for the most part … Lulah for short.

She’s incredibly excited. And we are too.

Ingersoll Sings the hits

Cynical-C repost:

In a post titled, “God in the Constitution,” Cynical Chris says, “One of [Robert] Ingersoll’s finest speeches written 120 years ago and just as relevant today.”

The Government of the United States is secular. It derives its power from the consent of man. It is a Government with which God has nothing whatever to do — and all forms and customs, inconsistent with the fundamental fact that the people are the source of authority, should be abandoned. In this country there should be no oaths — no man should be sworn to tell the truth, and in no court should there be any appeal to any supreme being. A rascal by taking the oath appears to go in partnership with God, and ignorant jurors credit the firm instead of the man. A witness should tell his story, and if he speaks falsely should be considered as guilty of perjury. Governors and Presidents should not issue religious proclamations. They should not call upon the people to thank God. It is no part of their official duty. It is outside of and beyond the horizon of their authority. There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States to justify this religious impertinence.

For many years priests have attempted to give to our Government a religious form. Zealots have succeeded in putting the legend upon our money: “In God We Trust;” and we have chaplains in the army and navy, and legislative proceedings are usually opened with prayer. All this is contrary to the genius of the Republic, contrary to the Declaration of Independence, and contrary really to the Constitution of the United States. We have taken the ground that the people can govern themselves without the assistance of any supernatural power. We have taken the position that the people are the real and only rightful source of authority. We have solemnly declared that the people must determine what is politically right and what is wrong, and that their legally expressed will is the supreme law. This leaves no room for national superstition — no room for patriotic gods or supernatural beings — and this does away with the necessity for political prayers.

If God is allowed in the Constitution, man must abdicate. There is no room for both. If the people of the great Republic become superstitious enough and ignorant enough to put God in the Constitution of the United States, the experiment of self-government will have failed, and the great and splendid declaration that “all governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed” will have been denied, and in its place will be found this: All power comes from God; priests are his agents, the people are their slaves.

Religion is an individual matter, and each soul should be left entirely free to form its own opinions and to judge of its accountability to a supposed supreme being. With religion, government has nothing whatever to do. Government is founded upon force, and force should never interfere with the religious opinions of men. Laws should define the rights of men and their duties toward each other, and these laws should be for the benefit of man in this world.

What’s your “royal purpose”?

Click here to view the promo video. Too bad I don’t have a link for a bucket to vomit in.

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About Princess Prep School

Princess Prep School is a week-long event for girls ages four through those entering third grade. The girls are taught the true meaning of “princess” through puppet shows, live princess performances, hands-on lessons, crafts, music, sign language, Biblical truths, and manners to help them discover their royal purpose in Christ.

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