Our Love’s in Jeopardy

On the way to Carbondale with Tina, Michael and Jason, I was trying to think of the 80s video in which the main guy’s wedding goes awry. The bride turns zombie, and the whole situation becomes a horror scene.

I couldn’t think of the song, and I knew if I called my brother he’d remember. I remember watching this video many, many times as a wee tot. To remind Jon what video I was asking about, I said, there’s a part where there at the church, and he’s being pulled by the leg. The guy grabs a piece of the pew and rips it off only to use it as an air guitar.

Of course Jon says, “Umm … is it “Our love’s in Jeopardy?”



3 thoughts on “Our Love’s in Jeopardy

    1. We were singing that too, but didn’t look up the video.

      I just looked it up, and they introduced the first guy being from Carbondale, IL, the same place we were going when we were laughing about all of these 80s gems.

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