Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally – Interviews With Participants

As most of you know, I like this group doing these interviews. Sure, sure, they’re talking to some dim bulbs and returning to them often. But the interviewer isn’t being disdainful or disrespectful. He’s being quiet and listening. His objective is to let the interviewees talk.

If you’ve ever done interviews before, it’s HARD. And this guy’s patience is formidable.

He didn’t choose people that didn’t look like they didn’t know what they were talking about. Except for the woman with her feet propped up in the chair, most of those people appear like regular joes. What trips me out is that all of them seem to have received the same talking-points memo.

Thanks, Glenn!


6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally – Interviews With Participants

  1. “Sure, sure, they’re talking to some dim bulbs and returning to them often.”

    I would be surprised if they could find anyone brighter than a dim bulb at this rally to interview. The “smart” ones are the manipulators who feed these people the crap that they are regurgitating.

  2. Wow, kudos to the reporter for staying so polite and not gaffawing on tape.

    A few of my favorites:

    I always wonder how elderly people who say “they don’t teach that in schools anymore” know that this is true. Are they visiting classrooms? Are they teachers? Or are they making unwarranted assumptions?

    Al Sharpton and his BLACK PANTHERS???? WTF, mate?…”The black people of America don’t own the day. The African Americans don’t own the day.” Do you think this guy was distinguishing between American citizens who are black and African immigrants who have become naturalized? Nah, me either.

    “I’ve never heard him (Glenn Beck) actually be disrespectful to the President.”

    “Barack Obama has done nothing but separated this country and caused blacks and whites against each other…”
    Reporter: How’s he done that?
    (waffling, big sigh) – “Oh, a long list of things.”

    “I don’t even believe he’s a legalized citizen.” A *what* now?

    “I think he (Barack Obama) is Muslim at heart. He only joined the Christian Church in Chicago for political gain.”

    “Islam’s not just a religion…it’s a lifestyle. It’s economic, it’s judicial, it’s religious, it’s a comprehensive lifestyle.” Unlike Christianity, right? Dude, you’re wearing a GOD shirt – your religion is part of your daily wardrobe.

    We don’t want this (the Ground Zero “Mosque”) to become another Mecca.”

    Reporter asking how far away from Ground Zero should the “mosque” be built?
    One dude: “Further away than three blocks…How about a hundred miles away?”
    One dudette: “They’ve got more mosques in New York City than you can shake a stick at. What the devil do they need another one?”

    “I learned all I needed to know about Islam on 9/11.”

    In reference to immigration:
    “We have no idea what’s coming into the health safety of this country.”
    “All I know is what my sister tells me. And SHE’S in Arizona.”

    Maybe my favorite quote: “We go down, the world is going down behind us”…”except now for China for example; they’re doing very well.”

    Way to ruin some sweet hyperbole, China.

  3. Thanks everyone for responding.

    Biodork, thanks for all the thoughts you added. I couldn’t agree more. I had many of the same thoughts.

    It’s crazy how during the short video, one can experience so many varieties of responses.

    And also, thanks for blogging about it too.

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