Dawkins has died. RIP.

They say they get sick in threes, but this is ridiculous. First Hitchens gets terminal cancer. Now Dawkins mysteriously dies in the night?

Lots of people were Dawkins haters. They told us that he’d never live long. One rather religious friend said he wouldn’t make it a month or two. I guess they thought Poseidon would strike him down for his views on life.

Well, last night, at approximately 6:66 a.m., our sweet fish Dawkins passed away.

Once discovered, the tragedy left Tina screaming at the top of her lungs, with Dawkins’ food in one hand and her fingers spread wide near her open mouth in the other. The weight of the fish food was too much, and she dropped the little orange tube of manufactured flakes to the ground. When it hit the floor, as if in slowmo, the flakes exploded out and upwards into the air and showered down like confetti all over our living room.

I hoped to set this whole blog up to make you think Richard Dawkins had passed. Too bad it’s not the kind of thing that explodes this blog onto the badboy of rock blog scene.

This week has been riddled with ill-information.

My closest, and I’d say best friend apart from my brother, emailed me this week to tell me his cat Tilly died this week. He sent me an email that was sweetly written, and I wanted badly to repost it. He described to me about the agony of pet loss. He talked about how Tilly swelled up from cancer, and they had no choice but to help her pass on.

How cool is it that we get close to the animals around us.

The more I examine life around me in Talulah and Zoe, I see how similar we are. I see the ways Talulah gets mischievous and smartly tries to deceive me. I see how she wants to obey. If you’re an artist, you can see so much in the structure of their bodies that translates to ours. You can see the similarities in their physics. Mammals have belly buttons. You can check their pulse in their wrist. They love to be loved, and for the most part they love to love you.

Evolution isn’t a mystery to anyone who can examine life with any degree of intelligence.

I hear that even Francis Collins, genetic scientist and Christian, is going to include a chapter in his forthcoming book telling Christians, “Hey, grow up. Evolution is a FACT.”

Tina and I are shooting engagement shots this morning. We’re hoping to look at pre-owned cars soon. Ours is taking a nose dive lately and we need to make sure Tina’s not driving around with a client when it goes the way of Dawkins.

How are you spending this fine Saturday? Drop a comment and let me know. I know a lot of you guys bail on the weekends. I sure am curious.