One day off of work a week and this is one of them.

I just got back from a short walk with Talulah. Our alley way is usually populated with a few people. It’s a popular cut through under the train tracks from one major street to another for both pedestrians and cars. You can see in the video below (it’s an old one I did) that it’s residential on the left and on the right it’s grassy. We overlook the Graceland Cemetery. But it’s a nice leisurely place to walk dogs, have a picnic or fuck on a rock.

You could also say it’s littered with people too. One day after we first moved to this neighborhood, there were people having sex on top of a boulder used to decorate the park. Imagine it. There was a woman, with her legs straight up in the air, getting pounded by a dude. And then there was another guy drinking a Milwaukee’s Best keeping an eye out.

It was probably the most bizarre thing I saw all day.

So Talulah and I were walking back from the park a few minutes ago, and there is a guy who parked his shopping cart against the guard rail. He was under a big cushy comforter taking a nap in the grass. His cart was full of goodies, like a plastic bag of hamburgers stacked with wax paper between, a basket full of movie theater candy (Snowcaps, Reese’s Cups, etc.), and a straightening hair iron. There were several other knickknacks too.

While I was taking inventory of his inventory, he stirred under his blanket and I let Talulah bark at him a few times before walking away.

Another man approached with headphones over his ears. He called out from a distance, “Hey, that’s a pit!”

“Spot on,” I said. In another universe, I would have pointed and winked.

“I was raised with Pit Bulls; they’re great dogs,” he slurred. I smelled the air. He must have just finished his eleventh beer of the morning. “Do you know how to show you’re not afraid of them?” he asked.

“How’s that?” I said.

“You stay calm around them.”

I waited a beat, took in another breath of second-hand beer smoke, and said, “Huh. Yeah, you’re right.”

I tugged on Talulah’s lead and walked her toward our gate. He followed and said, “Sorry to bother you.” I looked at him and said that it was no bother. He went on as if not hearing me, “I was just listening to my headphones. I only get one day off a week and this is one of them.”

I laughed to myself and repeated that last line all the way up the stairs. “I only get one day off a week and this is one of them.” It sounded like something the teabaggers would say in that video below. Do they realize the words coming out of their mouths?

I should have given the guy a pack of SnowCaps and sent him on his way.

B-Roll From Whitestock 2010

I love the blog Joe.My.God. You should read it.

He posted this follow up to the video I really liked featuring the tea-bagging crazies. He said:

Here’s more from Whitestock 2010, courtesy of intrepid New Left Media reporter Chase Whiteside, who released this clip in response to Tea Party claims that his first clip was “selectively edited” to show that teabaggers are idiots.

Take a look:

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  • Hemant Mehta’s quick posting and story about this Joe My God posting is pretty funny. Oddly enough, while I couldn’t draw a vagina to save my life, I drew a pretty healthy amount of boobies, back in the day. Read here.
  • James Franco talks amputation and masturbation in this quick Q&A. Read it!
  • Holy fighting words, Batman! Obama doesn’t plan on extending Bush’s tax-cuts. He plans on announcing it today. Grab a bucket-a-‘corn, flip on your blinky box TV set, and watch the parade of the delusional meltdown before your very eyes. Read here.