Let’s have a little bible lesson

This is general information with great accuracy. Explanations like this make a lot of sense. I wish more believers would watch stuff like this and research the information for themselves.

Of course, believers think that the gospels were written earlier, but it’s not based on any academic reference. Of course, that’s something everyone can look up for themselves.

Thanks Tim Cooley.

Republicans positioning themselves for success

I thought Republicans across this nation were positioning themselves to take back the country at all levels.

You should watch this video if you want to see what success really looks like.


Stark County, Ohio’s GOP picked its nominee for treasurer last night! You knew that, sure, but here’s the meeting’s highlight anyway: terrifying candidate Phil Davison screaming, pacing, and half-crying in the most insane stump speech ever.

Too bad he lost.

Shock: “Hip Hip” in “Hip Hip, Hooray” Was Once an Anti-Semitic Phrase

From this article at “Today I found out” dot com:

Today I Found Out the “Hip Hip” in “Hip Hip, Hooray” was once anti-Semitic.

This phrase is thought to have its origins in the middle-age Latin battle-cry “Hieroslyma est perdita’, which means “Jerusalem is fallen” or “Jerusalem is lost”.  This was later shortened by Germanic tribes fighting Jews to “Hep Hep Hu-raj”, meaning loosely “Jerusalem is fallen and we are on the way to paradise.”  This also found its way into a Hungarian battle cry “Huj Huj Hajrá”, which more or less just meant “faster, faster”.  An alternative theory is that it comes from a Germanic shepherds cry or a hunter’s cry “hep hep”, which was used to rally their trained dogs.  It is also possible that this shepherds cry was not the origin, but rather itself was from the proposed Germanic battle cry “Hep Hep Huraj”.

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I wonder if Weezer will re-record and re-release “Islands in the Sun” to say something other than “hip hip” during that one part of the song.