Wittifinley Carbondale Vacation Blog!

Our annual vacation to Carbondale, IL with Jason Bradley, Michael and Tina Serafini and myself. We stay at Mr. and Mrs. Bradley’s house. They have a pool and there’s lots of opportunities to have a drink and sit in the sun. This year we were joined by Talulah!

We try to do Mad Libs during part of the trip. Enjoy the juvenile fun!

The video is ten minutes long, but I swear it’s worth it.

Bon appétit!

Salespeople, parties, creativity and you

About a month ago, I videotaped a wedding. At the time, I was back from Asia for a little over a week. I was high from having photographed regular-reader Xina’s wedding the week before, and I dreaded having to videotape a wedding. It’s a LOT of work, and it pays less than photography. People don’t value videotaping weddings nearly as much even though there is picture AND sound.

I had to coerce myself to videotape the wedding, because sometimes the economy dictates what this writer does and doesn’t do.

My philosophy on videotaping weddings is: I’m a fly on the wall. I shoot as nonobtrusively as possible. The bride’s already got a busy day. She’s trying to get photographs, visit with tons of family. Why would she want me adding more direction to the mix of things to do? Plus, it’s not easy. Looking at one camera’s footage is often painful; I don’t care how professional the shooter is.

After I got home that night, I told Tina, “I’m never videotaping another wedding again ever.” I was miserable. Continue reading “Salespeople, parties, creativity and you”