Repost: A list of billions of “Gods” you don’t believe in.

Because I am getting a minor flood of hits from World News Daily AND this post seems to be getting hits, I wanted to throw this post on the front page. It would be a great reminder for Christians on just how “atheistic” they are. The greatest difference between believers and non … we don’t believe in one more god.

The conversation over at the biology teacher taunting creationist students post has continued to baffle me. I can't believe that a simple story such as that seemed to garner the need for that much discussion. One of the contributing voices is a trollish voice from one-trick pony riding mystery person who goes by the name of … themysteryof. And yes, he or she is literally a one-trick pony. This person has a blog with literally one post. And desp … Read More

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A facebook update I can get behind

I loved this reddit posting of a facebook update:

There’s a great street performer coming to Edinburgh. he’s a cross dresser, does outrageous material about victims of pedos being to blame for what happened to them, he thinks it’s funny to let people in Africa get aids by telling them condoms are bad for their ‘souls’, he believes in a wizard in the sky who rules the world and he once joined the Nazi party for a joke! Performing on the 16th on a street near you.

Comments of the day

This one from “Tim” is my favorite from the “about” page for Le Café:

A yes or no question for you. It’s simply a question. It’s not answered thoughtlessly. Anything but a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is not an answer but an argument. I’m not here to argue. I’m not even interested in your reply. It’s just a question for yourself. Question: If I had the truth and could prove it beyond doubt, would you believe it?

Of course he wanted a one word answer, and I gave multiple words. How many times do I get to say, “I was taught to say this same thing to people like me.” Garsh, Tim, do you feel better about yourself for saying it?

What a troll.

The close runner up is this one from “Kenneth”. Unlike his mal-informed idea of science, he has the answer, and it was written 2,500 years ago in a ridiculously unscientific book that advocates throwing children against boulders to kill them whilst raping those children’s mothers.

I know the evolutionists like to think abio-genesis and evolution have nothing to do with each other, but you can’t have one without the other.

Why is it abio-genesis hasn’t been re-created in a laboratory? Scientists have the money, tools, labs and the theory to provide a shortcut. This should shorten the amount of time needed for inorganic materials to create life thus evolution. Scientists don’t need the crutch of “infinite time” anymore.

I’m ready for that advert now

Here’s a portion of an interview on Glenn Beck with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Lapin obviously knows what he’s talking about. Humanism and secularism have only given the world better healthcare, better science, better infrastructure, etc.

Sure religious people are happy, but so are non-believers.

It seems religious people would do well to avoid the using criticisms that the non-religious have been using for many moons.

Reasonable conversations

Saturday night, Tina and I drove out to Tinley Park— a southwest suburb — to visit T’s cousin Kelly, her husband Brian and their three kids. It was their second oldest boy’s 8th birthday.

It was a laid-back birthday celebration with just a few other family members. It’s always  nice to see them. Kelly is like a sister to Tina. The kids call us Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Tina. I love being called Uncle Jeremy more than a cold beer on a hot afternoon.

Around 8:30, Kelly’s inlaws left and it was just Kelly, Brian, Tina and I having a glass of wine around their dinner table talking. The subject of religion came up, and I decided that I would listen for the most part.

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