I get birthday cards

This was the front of a birthday card I received from my beautiful Sister in Law (SiL) today. Just a reminder, SiL is a Christian, and despite that I manage this blog and she reads it, she and my brother still love me dearly.

Perhaps they are blog enablers.

Regardless, see below the fold to read her awesome note:

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Stephen Breyer: The Court, The Cases And The Conflicts : NPR

I’m listening to Terry Gross interview Stephen Breyer on Fresh Air (my favorite radio show). I’m not going to get this quote exactly right, but Breyer just said something that I thought was relatively profound enough to pass along.

He said:

“Being open minded doesn’t mean you don’t have a personal perspective. It means you’re open to changing that perspective given compelling information.”

Double check yourself the next time you say, “I’m open-minded.”

Are you really open to changing your mind?

Stephen Breyer: The Court, The Cases And The Conflicts : NPR.

The science vs. faith conundrum

Last night over dinner, I asked Tina what she thought of the post about her cousin Kelly and husband Brian and our religious discussion (read here).

She slammed her fist on our granite countertop and screamed, “I HATED it!”

Then we had a Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith-style bloody brawl and gun fight. We blew up our entire block. I’m writing you from an Internet café.

I am not kidding.

Seriously, Tina said she enjoyed it. She said that she liked the points I made, but she asked why I didn’t include the part of the discussion about a blog Kelly had been following.

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