Comment of the morning

I received a comment last night on my post on Science vs Faith that blew me away. I loved it. At the time, I thought I wouldn’t want to make it a comment of the day.

But after re-reading it again this morning, how could I not. I’ll let the comment speak for itself. It’s from a woman named Mary:

I work in online cancer support, and I was still a Christian back when I started. Watching people deal with cancer, religion and medicine definitely had something to do with my leaving Christianity. Sometimes it makes me really angry that people focus so much on God and prayer, and they go to a physician, and he seriously drops everything to do everything possible to save their lives. And then when they are saved, they talk about the fact that it wasn’t the physician who did it, it was God. I have to laugh. That physician trained and practiced for years, often decades, before you walked into that office. Many patients in your shoes died before you did – they were his “practice” back before treatments were as good as they are now. But none of that counts – all that counts is what some invisible being did in response to your pleas???? And why, please tell me why that all-powerful being chose to save you and then he let some amazing person with a new baby or a new fiance die from the same disease? UGH.

I also get frustrated when religious people just cannot accept the possibility of death. They can be dying of cancer and refuse to talk about it, because they insist that if enough people pray they will bounce back. It is SO sad to watch a family say goodbye to a loved-one who refuses to say goodbye to them.

The people who have died who really stand out to me are those who have accepted the inevitable with grace and love. My dear friend who was only 36 called hospice himself – taking so much burden from his loved ones and helping them to get prepared.

I think I just get frustrated that religion is supposed to be a comfort to people, but so often it doesn’t make sense and it actually makes their suffering greater.

Thanks again, Mary, for such an amazing, well-thought out comment.

Le Café Witteveen loves updates

optical illusion - select this image and Georg...
George W is not to be confused with this G Dub. Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Flickr

Yesterday evening, I spent a little time trying to figure out different ways to make more people love this blog just as much as you do already.

I added a little button over to the right that says, “Subscribe.” I have a few subscribers already, but I wanted to make it easier for you to keep in touch.

I subscribe to several blogs via email, including Tim Cooley’s blog, Biodork’s and George W‘s “On Misplaced Grace.” I used to get Petursey emails, but he hasn’t updated his blog in like 20 billion years.

Speaking of ol’ George Dubya, I added him to Le Café’s blog roll. He went through the stringent process of qualifying for that right by obsequiously flooding my email and comment box with praise and admiration.

I decided I should add him before my head exploded from the constant adulation.

I’ve also updated the many ways you can share my posts.  Please feel free to use StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, or regular snail mail to pass along what published content. It’s thrilling to see how many of you already post Café posts on facebook and twitter. I relish the little burst of dopamine every time I see someone else promoting this blog.

Finally, feel free to follow me on twitter or even friend me on facebook. I don’t update facebook with Le Café information, simply because I find that I tell people about my blog on a need-to-know basis. If you friend me, you’d be doing it to be more intimate with me … you dirty, dirty whore(s). As far as finding this blog and me, people can easily google my name and find Le Café. And I’ll talk about it in conversation. The blog is certainly not hidden. It’s not part of my personality to shove my views in my friends and family’s faces.

But if you get here, em to the effin’ A … I’m going to give you an ear full … am I right or am I right!