Talulah at Challenger Bark

Like almost every day, yesterday we took Talulah — our sweet-ass pit bull slash boxer — to Challenger Bark, the dog park near our house.

Here’s 41 seconds of sweet T-dog and T-love playing.

5 thoughts on “Talulah at Challenger Bark

    1. We’ve been using “leave it” a lot. When she’s playing fetch with other dogs, she likes to steal the ball from other dogs if they get to it first.

      She knows when food is dropped while I’m cooking not to go near it. But if she does, leave it works wonders.

      Gotta love leave it.

  1. Go Tallybabeeee!!!111oneone

    I’ve had two dogs who were born chasers and fetchers (one of them is Sam). In both cases, it was super-easy to get them to learn the game rules. At first, I’d throw the ball (or frisbe) and then play a bit of tug-of-war to get it back. After a week or so, I’d ignore them until they dropped it. It didn’t take long for them to figure out the only way to get another throw was to drop it. I’d make it easy by grabbing it and throwing it the moment it got dropped.

    The next stage, at least when I’m sitting down, was to ignore it until it got dropped right in my lap. Again, for a dog with a strong retrieval instinct, it was super-quick for them to figure out.

    I’ve tried to interest Anna in throwing games, but she’s just not interested. She’ll chase a real live squirrel or rabbit, but I guess she’s too smart to be fooled by an inanimate object. 😀

  2. Oh crap, I forgot to change my name back after making that goofy comment in another thread. You probably knew it was me anyway, right?

    1. I had you pegged from the writing style!

      No, I looked up the IP address.

      Thanks for the hot tips. I’ve been frustrated with how to get Talulah to bring the ball to me.

      I love these ideas.

      When I’m throwing the ball she tends to put it in a water fountain located at the south end of the park (we’re north end in the video).

      I’ll definitely give your advice a whirl. It’s best to do it when no other dogs are there, because usually other owners are throwing balls too.

      Today I’m going to the dog BEACH for the first time with another guy and his Doberman. We can’t wait.

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