Was Jonah on that ship?

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The video below is an incredible depiction of what it would be like on a ship during a storm.

Remember the story of Jonah and that three-day retreat he had in the belly of a whale? Do you remember why he had that three-day respite in the belly of a whale?

He ran from god’s command to go to Nineveh. While sailing on a boat on which he was fleeing, a nasty storm threatened to destroy it. God had sent that storm and to appease god’s wrath, the crew had to throw Jonah overboard.

This is a story that adults teach children. Its purpose is to teach kiddies that god’s people must do what they are told. If god tells them to tell an entire city of their evil ways, they must go do it. Or else what? Or else god will send turmoil and destruction on those whom he “loves.”

This is why people like zdenny feel “loving” when they make comments like this new on this post. He believes he’s saving people from annihilation.

What does the story of Jonah tell about god? What does it say about superstition in situations like say, Katrina or earthquakes in Haiti? It’s bullshit.

Jonah and the Whale is a complete fabrication. There’s absolutely no way it’s more than a story. Teaching kids it was a true event is like teaching kids that it is true that three pigs built three houses that a wolf tried to blow down.