At least the camera I shoot with, the Canon 5D Mark II, is being put to good use.

Check out this exclusive behind the scenes look at “Superman XXX” A Porn Parody, directed by Axel Braun, available from Vivid Video in December 2010. Ryan Driller stars as the man of Steel, Andy San Dimas as Lois Lane, Dale Dabone as Jorel, Alexis Texas, Eric Masterson, James Dean, Kristina Rose,
Randy Spears and Jeff Mullen are just some of the stars in the this much anticipated new release. Axel Braun’s eye for detail is legendary, Vivid Video’s reputation is unmatched for quality, and if Braun last project “Batman XXX” is any indication, expect BIG things from this movie!!! Be sure to check out Axel’s web site: http://www.axelbraun.net/ and Vivid’s as well: http://www.vivid.com for more details, be sure to check out our special photo essay at: http://emmreport.com/wordpress/your-s…

Publicly Funded Christian Aid Group Fires Non-Christians

Critics point out World Vision receives $300-million dollars a year from the federal government, so, in essence, taxpayers are supporting discrimination.

“If World Vision wants to discriminate in hiring and firing based on religion, then it should not be receiving federal dollars. 25-percent of its income is from the federal government, from the public,” said Annie Laurie Gaylor with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
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Suburban life

Aldi Süd, Trier
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For a while now, Tina and I have talked about moving to the suburbs of Chicago. We expected to have a little one by now, but we don’t. But if we ever did get pregnant, it’d be a no-brainer; we’d move to the ‘burbs.

There are several reasons why we’d consider going now. We could get more for our money. We could get away from this damn train that runs 24/7. There’s an element of “safety” (we don’t live in the greatest neighborhood).

Over the weekend, we looked at a brand new 2,400 sq. ft townhouse. It has three floors, four bedrooms, 2-car garage, and it’s priced less than what we paid for our 2-bedroom 1200 sq. ft. space. Of course it’s a good 45 minute to hour ride from downtown. In heavy traffic, it’d be closer to 1.5 hours.

It’s in suburbia. We’d be closer to Tina’s family, but further from her brother.

We don’t eat out much, but in the city we have all kinds of great selections. In the suburbs, it’s a lot of average, run-of-the-mill type stuff. We’re surprised what passes for “good” out there, but we’re snobs like that. I mean, Aldi shoppers can be like that some times.

All this is to say, I wanted to run it past you all. I talked to my brother and my dad about it, and they both thought we’re nuts to want to move out of the city. We love city life, but I hate that we don’t have many visitors. I guess that’s what we get. At least my family and friends have an excuse. Many live in North Carolina. But damn, I wish they’d get up here more.

Perhaps if we had more space, people would feel more compelled to stay with us … for weeks at a time.

Tina’s family’s excuse is that they don’t like dealing with city traffic. If you’ve ever driven here, it’s not that bad. I’ve driven in several large cities, and Chicago is easy in comparison.

So what do you think? Should we stay or should we go?

Would the suburbs be the kryptonite to my super city powers?