11 People Who Should Be On ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The entire list Holy Taco recommends should be on “Dancing with the Stars” is neither here nor there.

I was slightly surprised by #11: Stephen Hawking.

The Christian Right has had plenty of representation on “Dancing with the Stars.” This year alone, they’ve got both Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin. Why not give secular atheists their equal time? And who better to represent them than the smartest man in the world, Stephen Hawking? Yeah, he can’t exactly walk. But he can’t talk either, and everyone still knows his “vocie.” Give him a few moments to think up the schematics for a dancing-robo exoskeleton, and he’ll be doing the the worm in no time.

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Friendly Atheist» Should We Only Focus on the Tip of the Iceberg?

Reblog: Friendly Atheist» Should We Only Focus on the Tip of the Iceberg?.

I’m just cutting and pasting Hemant’s post here. David Hayward is great, and doing good work to bridge the gap between belief and non.

For all that we argue about, it’s all too easy to ignore the multitude of things we all have in common. It always feels good to stand your ground on any opinions you hold in the minority — and I’m not saying we’re not right on those issues — but I don’t think we can dismiss those bridge-builders who choose to focus on everyone’s similarities.

David Hayward makes this point in a much more eloquent way:

David Hayward quote:

The problem is that we are not aware of, or do not care to see, or are completely blind to the connections, to our unity.

This is for all kinds of reasons. Mostly our conditioning. Followed by our unwillingness to become aware of our conditioning.

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