Dan Savage: It gets better

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Dan Savage is a badass. He’s actively helping the cause of homosexuality in the public sphere. I respect and admire that.

This video (below) is a great push for gay rights and for furthering the already changing zeitgeist. It’s the result of lifetimes of torment.

When you hear the part about their adoption, it’s a great moment.

What blows me away is that the torment of hate toward homosexuality still exists. I hate ignorance, and even wondering about whether homosexuality is okay or not is an abomination to academic thought and rational logic.

The pockets of hate happen to be pintpointable to places that idolize conservatism and religion. When I told my brother-in-law about the possibility we’d move to the suburbs, I could see in his face the torment of memories. I said, “You can come out and visit us.”

And he said, “Why would I ever want to visit there?”

His disgust for idiocy blinded him from seeing that he might want to visit his sister and I.

He hated growing up in the suburbs. He sees the city as the opposite of hate. It offers tolerance and acceptance. I’m sure he’ll live his whole damn life in the city, because small-minded dumbasses made his life hell in the outskirts.

One of my biggest and weirdest regrets is how I fell for the ideology that homosexuality is wrong. I hate how those ideas manifested into words, sentences and hate speech in every day conversations. And for what? Because I was taught that kind of behavior was “love.”

My brother-in-law is right; the city is a haven for diversity and acceptance of different ideas. If there were a god, I would thank him or her for the city. Because at least that would show some essence of power.

Anyway, enjoy the video and pass it on if you get a chance.

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