U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton

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Over at facebook, I saw that someone posted this U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton video. I’m posting it below. It’s a revisionist evangelical view of history.

My Christian high school forced seniors to take a class dedicated to cramming kids’ brains with as much propaganda as possible about the misunderstanding of religion in America. It was called “Understanding the Times,” and — holy Rod Blagojevich — the class did more to disservice my education than any bible lesson or church service I ever went to.

“Understanding the Times” was anti-evolution, anti-humanism, anti-secular, anti-relativism, pro-god, pro-faith and pro-magic. I sprinted forward with the gusto of an 18-year-old spouting that trash … only to have the real world — whatever that is — squash those ignorant ideologies time and time again.

One of my first posts on this blog was an open letter to the teachers of “Understanding the Times” chastising them for disservicing youth with these gross ideas.

The class was literally a last-ditch effort for adults to jam as much of their views in students’ minds before they went off and were corrupted by the evils of college. I hope regular reader SAW weighs in. He could back me up on this one.

David Barton, the fellow in the video below, must have taken this class and is repeating this propaganda … in front of people. The great thing is, his audience soaks it up without question. He could be serving gasoline, and that audience would mop it up with large pieces of white bread and ask for more.

When the “Understanding the Times” class was over, I had become so embarrassingly dumb … so unabashedly charismatic for faith, that I was burned from receiving a teaching scholarship that would have put my poor ass through college and given me a job for the first four years out of college. In an interview with six teachers and North Carolina school officials during the last round of the approval process, I told them that the absence of faith and prayer in the classroom and the lack of religious teachers had caused all the problems in public schools. This was part of what I learned in “Understanding the Times.” Surely it was true. Mr. — now “Doctor” — Terry Moffitt told me it was true.

Should I have become a teacher, I would certainly bring my views to the classroom as god would magically make my students better students. I told this to grown adults, who literally had one eyebrow raised, mouths agape as they were scribbling notes down on their forms.

After I had heard that I didn’t receive the scholarship, I learned several people — who partied and were “hell-bound” — received the damn scholarship. Obviously god didn’t want a Christian in the public school classroom. I mean, I was an award-winning Christian. I had plaques on my wall to prove it. I was a top-notch Christian student … with a purpose from god … or so I was told.

Even at a Christian college, my anti-evolution, anti-humanism, anti-secular, anti-relativism, pro-god, pro-faith and pro-magic views were not received well. By the time I was done with Understanding the Times, I was completely afraid of the “world” morally corrupting me. I brought those views into my science classes and my bible classes only to get burned time and again.

After I was burned by repeating the propaganda more than a handful of times, I abandoned using that information in conversation or in classroom discussions to avoid the utter embarrassment of it all.

Enter the video I’m posting below. It’s an embarrassment. I would criticize it if it were atheist propaganda. There is not one reference for any of the information provided. In fact, Barton holds up a letter and points at it saying what it says, but he doesn’t show us that it says it. I could hold up a letter I wrote and say anything I want about it. Watch the video, and you’ll see testimonials from several people who say, “I didn’t know any of this information.” Not one of the people says, “I’m going to go verify this information with the truth or with the sources Barton may have referenced.”

When you take what someone says as truth without verifying it against sources, you don’t just look stupid … you are stupid. This video is an amazing proof of stupidity and why people are rock-solid dumbnuts.

The audience who believes this kind of information are “believers”. They accept truth on faith, and see that as a precept. Of course “believers” believe in belief. Of course believers are going to sprint forward spouting this information. They’ve already accepted so much on faith … what’s one more batch of “facts”?

Even the person who posted the video on facebook said:

Worth the watch!! I didn’t know a lot of things he brings out about our nations history & leaders – things that are left out of textbooks in public schools. Very good to watch!

And when videos discontinue comments, it’s also a sure sign that the are hiding something.

Please take a look at the video and … should you care to know … start looking up the information. It doesn’t take long to learn that the guy is spouting information that is patently untrue. It’s twisted and jerked out of existing material, it’s given an updated evangelist vocabulary and it’s packaged and sold as, “This is what they won’t tell you in school or put in books.”

Why would they tell you that? Because it’s NOT found in books. It’s not found anywhere. It’s embarrassing, and these people are ignorantly humiliating themselves. I almost feel sorry for them for going so far as to tout their ignorance.

Wait a minute, no I don’t.


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