Bible tract: 3 reasons why we should be skeptical of the Theory of Evolution

Somewhere, somehow, Ray Comfort, Carl Werner and Ken Hamm are jumping up and down in a vacant room whilst embracing, crying and thanking the ceiling for the spread of their message.

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One thought on “Bible tract: 3 reasons why we should be skeptical of the Theory of Evolution

  1. OH MY!
    The first is a re-defining of evolution as abiogenesis. Evolution works just as well with an original creation event. Evolution makes no claim about where life comes from, only that it most certainly has evolved.

    The second is an outright lie. There are several transitional fossils in the fossil record. Evolution does not posit anything regarding a volume of fossils. Darwin himself was cautious about how complete we could ever expect a fossil record Evolution is bolstered by paleontology by making testable predictions about where and in what form potential fossils might be found.

    The third is a conflation of complex information with a designed language. This has been explained quite succinctly by evolutionary means. We know that complex =/= designed.

    Some poor creationist is going to get eaten alive with these arguments in hand, and will be forced to paint himself into a corner where he must believe in the “Global Scientific Conspiracy” in order to stand by his claims.

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