Elections, religion, Rolling Stone, Obama and YOU!

Yesterday, regular LCW reader SAW sent me this article from the NYT about Obama taking the religion horse by the neck and wringing it before the electorate desperately hoping to change his perception before November. He’s kowtowing to the independents who have lost interest in not only him but all democrats.

He’s being sycophantic to me. Little old me. I should get off on it.

The bytes they were playing on NPR were all, I know Jesus died for my sins and that humility is what pushes me forward, or some bull like that. Who cares?

Nonbelievers repeat that it shouldn’t matter in a secular government what religion the president adheres to or if he doesn’t have a religion at all.

It’s all an attempt to kowtow to voters’ emotional heart strings.

Back when George-y boy was in office and he tried appealing to voters, I used to say, “George wants you to think he cares about you. He wants to appeal to you so more people like him. But he doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t have any idea what your miserable life is like.”

The same goes for Obama. He doesn’t care about you and your life. He cares more about the game than your day-to-day welfare. He cares more about popularity, just like ol’ Bushy pants. These guys adults playing childish games.

Rolling Stone magazine published a ball tickler for Obama in this issue. Go check it out. I have to say I enjoyed the article for the most part as I don’t remember ever reading or hearing Bush-daddy’s comments without cringing. Every time Bush tried to make a joke, I would do the teeth-grit-suck-noise face. I’m sure there are people reading this who think the same thing when Obama talks. It’s the nature of the sport.

One thought on “Elections, religion, Rolling Stone, Obama and YOU!

  1. I could believe that President Obama entered the political arena because he cares about my day-to-day welfare. Sure he’s a player – he’s one of the biggest players in the game. He’s trying to meet the needs and expectations of over 300 million very different people (not including international hopes and expectations). And he doesn’t get to make decisions or progress on his own; he’s got about 535 other game players who are influencing what he can do. I still support President Obama and believe in many of the things he’s trying to accomplish.

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