Thursday distraction: changed cravings

Lately, I crave a cold glass of water with ice. For a few years, all the water I drank was from a Sigg bottle, and it’s typically only cool to lukewarm.

Have you had recent changes in normalcy? Something you used to do has changed to something slightly different? What is it?

2 thoughts on “Thursday distraction: changed cravings

  1. I don’t know if this counts, but about twice a year I go through a ridiculous dairy craving. I’ll drink a jug of milk in one day, eat a whole large container of yogurt or, if better judgment is absent , a whole tub of ice cream. This will go on for like a week and then I’m back to my normal diet.
    I don’t know why I do that. Any ideas?

    1. I think your craving qualifies.

      The body tends to indiscreetly tell the brain what it might need. From what I understand, our modern foods tend to cause certain addictions because the levels of cravings are blown out of proportion in contrast to our evolutionary past.

      Your body might “need” dairy, but your addiction to dairy might make it appear extreme.

      Slap a Ph.D. after my name and call me a doctor!

      ***EDIT*** I deleted indiscreetly. I’m not sure it was exactly the right word.

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