Math Teacher Fail

I saw this on If we don’t have decent teachers in the field, how do we expect to dominate the world with excellent science and math prowess?

My parents used to make fun of my first grade teacher, Mrs. Barnes. Unbeknownst to stupid, seven-year-old me, I didn’t know that she was misspelling words and therefore unfit to teach. I kind of liked her. She was always very nice to me. And when my parents found out I lied about something once, they took me to see her and apologize. She was stern yet forgiving.

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Time for a witch hunt: Virginia Ironside is getting burned at the stake

Virginia Ironside

This morning, FOX News must be unleashing on author and columnist Virginia Ironside for comments she made on English TV Sunday morning. I’ve seen about five conservative facebook friends post something about it all in the same five minute time span.

In a nutshell, Ironside said that a good mother would pillow smother a suffering child to death if she had no other option to end his or her suffering. She also said it would be a morally acceptable choice to abort a baby in some circumstances.

According to this article in the BBC online, the writer says the danger is coupling people living with disabilities with abortion or euthanasia. You can read it for yourselves.

Murder is unacceptable. We should let that suffering child live no matter what. We should have government and/or social networks available to people who can’t take care of their children themselves so that those kids can suffer life with people who love them. That’s why I’m a proponent of information, of social services, of human rights and reason.

I’m pro-life, I’m for life, but I’m pro-choice (note comments below for explanation of redaction). I believe that everyone has a right to choose. A woman should never be told she can’t choose abortion. There are plenty of circumstances in which abortion is morally okay. I say this as an adoptee, knowing full well that my mother could have made a similar choice. I’ve devoted much thought and writing to the topic, and I’d love to talk about it more, but now is not the time.

Of course conservatives catch wind of the story and blow the longest, ugliest deflated honk possible. They don’t offer solutions. They pitchfork the guilty party, throw her in the fire and say, “See! liberals are heinous, morally corrupted idiots!”

Morally corrupt blogger Lori Ziganto

In a blog post on an über conservative fear-mongering digi-rag, the blogger, Lori Ziganto drags in the issue of adoption. At first read, I got really pissed off. As I said, I’m adopted, and of course information on adoption is going to bother me. Lisa Ziganto opened her blog with these words:

According to author and columnist Virginia Ironside, most adopted kids would be better off dead. As would most children she considers “unfit.”

Of course that is going to get the ire up of any breathing, thinking person, right? Ironside is obviously a monster, right?

If you read down into the comments, Ziganto’s readers believe also that Ironside said adopted kids are better off dead. The fact is, Ironside didn’t say it. It was Ziganto who made that dastardly insinuation.

In an attempt to be morally superior, Ziganto showed how morally corrupt she is. Shame on Ziganto. Ironside didn’t say anything about adopted kids being better off dead. Ziganto did. And now her readers are dancing off singing the same hymn. Who is worse? The abortion advocate or the liar? According to Christians, a sin is a sin. Moral ambiguity has so much to learn.

I would love to go toe to toe with dumb old Ziganto on the issue of abortion and adoption. If anti-abortion yahoos would give the issue two seconds of thought, they would all be atheists. But they aren’t. They’re usually a lot of bible-thumping Intelligent Design advocates. There is nothing more un-intelligent than human fertility. And the sheer number of providentially-aborted* babies makes all the abortion doctors in the world out to be Mickey Mouse.

Ironside is a write off. Or maybe she’s not. In that broad stroke of “ridiculous comment on a talk show” genius, she launched herself on the international market. Today she’ll sell more books in America than she’s sold in her lifetime. She’ll be the most-searched term that shows up here on this blog. She’ll have idiots like Ziganto to thank for launching her stardom.

Hey, Lori, great job accomplishing the opposite of your intention! … you idiot.





* Make no mistake, when I say “providentially-aborted”, I mean that god caused abortions. Should he have created the human body, he is guilty of being the most insidious abortion doctor in the universe.