It Gets Better (via Misplaced Grace)

George W. hits a lot of great notes in this post. I hope you take the time to read it.

 It Gets Better I began writing this post over a week ago, and it proves to be a difficult subject for me to express my thoughts about.  This is an issue very near to my heart, and I must have rewritten this post 20 times.  In the end I am glad I did.  So many really great initiatives get off to a quick start and slowly die off after the initial buzz wears off.  I hope that posting this a week or more late will help to remind people who may have missed it the fi … Read More

via Misplaced Grace

Carl Sagan sings the hits


I see the emergence in our consciousness of a Universe of a magnificence, and an intricate, elegant order far beyond anything our ancestors imagined. And if much of the Universe can be understood in terms of a few simple laws of Nature, those wishing to believe in God can certainly ascribe those beautiful laws to a Reason underpinning all of Nature. Those wishing to believe in god can certainly ascribe those beautiful laws to a reason underpinning all of Nature. My own view is that it is far better to understand the Universe as it really is than pretend to a Universe as we might wish it to be.

O’Reilly: Noah’s Ark story NOT literally true. | Too bad it won’t deter religionistas from watching his show

I can’t believe that even though Bill O’Reilly doesn’t support literal readings of the bible, the faithful who watch his show will continue watching it. He implies that it would be silly to believe that there literally was a Noah’s Ark story.

At least Billy boy is man enough to admit one silly truth. Where are his followers on this one?

And why aren’t people appalled that Bill knows so little about the bible?

Oh well. I still love all of you anyway.

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HONK! if you don’t believe the LIBERAL media

This is a iPhone pic regular LCW reader Luis V. sent from the streets of New York. The site it’s promoting is, and it is priceless.

Click on the “learn” button and it tells you all about the media “elite” and how most journalists are left leaning. And despite the obvious split in America’s politics, the site devotes more space to proving leftist journalists than time devoted to war in “War and Peace.

If their findings are correct, sure, I’ll bite. Journalists lean left and they are elitist. They are elitist becuase they are highly rich? No. They are because they tend to be highly educated.

Sure their salaries aren’t nearly as high as fucking Glenn Beck’s. He’s not elitist, because he’s not that educated.

Sure. Leftist journalists have better-than average educations, but they tend to be rich. What can’t they see about the correlation? Education moves people away from the limitations of religious ideologies. If that’s elitist, I’m a big fat disdainful elitologist [self sic].

I’d like to idealize that liberal minded people are thinking people. Thinking people don’t close their perspectives to dogmas and orthodox (straight-minded) teachings. Artists and city people tend to lean left. Why? I’m sure there are all kinds of reasons. Unscientifically, it’s because we’re faced with vast cultural diversities, an amazing array of socio-economic classes, and a bursting bundle of activities and events.

I know plenty of right-leaning people. The bar I go to has all types. But you know what the difference between here and the Yeshua Fog™ is? The people here aren’t telling anyone they’re doing it wrong. We all get along.

I prefer cultural diversity, tolerance and acceptance every day of the week to American cultures outside the city.

What do you think?