Pic: Kill ’em all and let god sort ’em out

In high school, one of our administrators and the teacher of “Understanding the Times” — the class that arms students with awful information and teaches Christian kids to be vocal idiots — used to say, “Kill ’em all and let god sort them out.”

After he’d say it, he’d laugh in this really annoying way. You know, the way that actors like Jim Carrey does when he’s impersonating a socially awkward dim-bulbed moron.

The guy who drew this must have had the same teacher.

This is what I thought when I saw the Christine O’Donnell “I’m YOU” commercial too

Get past the first 30 seconds of this video, and Jay Smooth is pretty damn entertaining. AND, when Christine O’Donnell says, “I’m you” in that lame-ass ad, I wanted to say something exactly like Smooth says in this video.

O’Donnell, I’ll vote for you … I’ll vote for you to get lost.


Here’s the original ad for you to see … HONK!

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Chicago by iPhone

You may think I’ve been neglecting the Chicago by iPhone series. You would be right. I have been taking the photos, but my iPhone WordPress application hasn’t been working. Here’s one from this morning that I emailed to myself so I could post it from my computer. It’s looking south, behind our condo. The line from sunrise was so dramatic, I couldn’t help but snag a shot.

Bon appétit!

Biology Pareidolia (via Biodork)

I thought this image on Biodork’s ceiling looked like a spermatozoa, with the head being at the lower right end and it wraps its tail up to the upper left.

By the way, here’s a handful of Talulah slobber that I found in a deflated rubber dog toy in my alley this morning. Feel free to put it in your mouth.

What do you see?

Biology Pareidolia Forget Mary in the grilled cheese sandwich Jesus in an MRI scan; my officemate and I saw a seriously spooky image today.  We both saw something, but we can't agree on what exactly we saw.   What do you think: Does this sunlight reflected off of a glossy-covered industry journal onto the ceiling looks more like a golgi apparatus or an endoplasmic reticulum? ~    ~   … Read More

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