Biology Pareidolia (via Biodork)

I thought this image on Biodork’s ceiling looked like a spermatozoa, with the head being at the lower right end and it wraps its tail up to the upper left.

By the way, here’s a handful of Talulah slobber that I found in a deflated rubber dog toy in my alley this morning. Feel free to put it in your mouth.

What do you see?

Biology Pareidolia Forget Mary in the grilled cheese sandwich Jesus in an MRI scan; my officemate and I saw a seriously spooky image today.  We both saw something, but we can't agree on what exactly we saw.   What do you think: Does this sunlight reflected off of a glossy-covered industry journal onto the ceiling looks more like a golgi apparatus or an endoplasmic reticulum? ~    ~   … Read More

via Biodork


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