Your jackhammer outside my window is really pissing me off, but at least your name gives me a chuckle.

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Christine O’Donnell avoids evolution question

Not only does Christine O’Donnell avoid the evolution question, when she tries to argue she has worse rhetorical skills than mine. The person who votes for Christine O’Donnell votes for idiocy in America.

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I wanted to add this fun clip to the mix:



Things are nutballs around Le Café. Tina and I have been squaring away our itinerary for our road trip to Washington DC for the Restore Sanity rally.

We’re planning on meeting up with some of our favorite atheists. We’ve met Luis V. before in his stomping grounds of NYC. And we’re looking forward to hooking up with Julie from Attempts at Rational Behavior and her husband as well as another guy Brian, who runs drinking skeptically groups both digitally and real life versions.

There will be plenty of other folks out in DC who I’ve met online, and look forward to seeing in real life.

Of course I’ll be there with cameras in hand, both still and video, to document the whole shebang.

Tina and I bought a new/used car on Monday. It’s a Honda CR-V. Our Jetta had been giving us trouble for about 2 years, and we finally traded in. The CR-V is a sweet ride. It’s perfect for Tina toting around clients and for us to tote around Talulah.

We’d love to see more of you out in DC, so make your plans and meet us there. You’ll be able to find us. Just follow the incessant honking.



Reblog: Hitchens Brothers Debate If Civilization Can Survive Without God

October 12, 2010 at the Pew Research Center
From CNN Belief Blog:

Brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens squared off Tuesday in a debate over whether civilization can survive without God. Christopher, the older of the two, is a renowned atheist thinker and author. Peter, the lesser known of the two, is a practicing Christian and also a well-regarded author.

Christopher Hitchens is going through a very public battle with cancer, a subject that came up often during the debate. Michael Cromartie from the Ethics and Public Policy Center, moderated the debate and mentioned Christopher, who lives in the District of Columbia, was attending in between doctor appointments. Peter Hitchens had flown in from England specifically for the lunchtime debate.

Christopher Hitchens arrived with a white straw Panama hat. Beneath the hat he has no hair, lost from cancer treatments. Though noticeably thinner, Hitchens did not seem to suffer any intellectual consequences from his treatment.
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