Saturday distraction links — spermatorrhoea is catchin’

Heard this on the radio this week and had to post it

There are some quintessential songs from one’s youth that can’t be forgotten nor disassociated with visual, aural and/or olfactory memories. One of my favorites is Paul Simon’s “You can call me Al.”

This song makes me think of a childhood best friend named Ricky, who I’ve written about before in his older age. When he was a wee tyke, he was a great friend and a great partner in crime to laugh with. Chevy Chase would make us laugh and laugh, and I can still hear that girlish, prepubescent laugh in my noggin. What a great song.

If you meet me, my laugh is pretty large. It’s somewhat embarrassing. I rarely talk about how much my childhood was full of laughter, and I love it that it’s one of my best and fondest memories.

I’m sure you have similar songs that spur great memories. Post ’em if you got ’em in the comments. Song and memories, please.