Glenn Beck: “I haven’t seen a half-monkey, half-person yet.”

If you haven’t heard this amazing clip from Glenn Beck, click on the link below. It will take you away from Le Café, so come on back and tell me what you think!

I’m pretty sure that the next time I’m at my folks house and if this man is on screen, I will personally walk over to the TV and turn it off. I can’t believe anyone would take someone this stupid seriously.

In defense of family, Bon Jovi, Christianity and upbringing


As commenter, regular LCW reader and blogger George W says below, my fucking headline should read “In defense of family, Def Leppard, Christianity and upbringing”. My apologies to all one-armed band lovers everywhere for this gross error.

***End UPDATE***

Yesterday I posted “A letter from my 21-year-old self.” If you read it, you know more about my first love and my idyllic relationship with my first girlfriend’s parents. You also read 2,000 words. Golly, you’re brave.

The feedback has been great. Thank you. I started responding to the feedback, and decided to write a new post to clarify a couple of things, and try for another 2,000 words.

Firstly and thankfully, I have an amazing relationship with my parents. I want that to be clear. I’m not justing saying it either. Mom and dad did a helluva job raising three kids. I can barely handle a dog and a cat. Should Tina and I have kids, I’ll likely explode. I have no idea how they did it, and did it well. They tirelessly went out of their way to accommodate, love and support the three of us.

We have a stronger relationship now more than ever. When I said I called my dad, it’s because we talk more often now. I love that. I think he does, too. That conversation was 30 minutes long. That’s 30 minutes longer than most conversations I had with him before this blog. And my mom kicks ass, so stop spreading rumors, you jerks.

Secondly — and I’ll come back to the first point — if you read the letter, there are some misspellings and French-isms. For instance, I wrote “comme” instead of “come”. “Comme” is French for “like or as”. My English was all torn up after a couple months. You may not know this, but I was really embarrassed to publish the letter.

But expressing vulnerabilities brings people closer. I know, right! Let’s hug when you stop crying.

Atheists for Jesus.

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