Incoming links, homophobia, old school teachers and you

Over the past week, I noticed search engine terms finding this blog looking for “terry moffitt [sic]” and “dr. terry moffitt [sic]”.

“Finally,” I thought. “My high school teacher and school administrator was googling himself and will respond to an open letter I sent to him and posted on this blog.”

Apparently it wasn’t Moffitt googling himself.

First, let me tell you about Terry Moffitt. I’ll get to who was searching for him in a few minutes.

"Dr." Terry Moffitt

Dr. Terry Moffitt, then Mister, taught a high-school level class called Understanding the Times (UTT) during my senior year of high school.

UTT armed evangelical Christian students with counter-information against the secular, leftist, godless agenda found in colleges, universities and practically everywhere outside of the Christian high school utopia.

The UTT website says:

Intended for high school students, Understanding the Times outlines the differences between Christianity and the other prominent worldviews vying for allegiance in Western culture: Islam, Postmodernism, Secular Humanism, Marxism, and New Age. In a time when more than half of all Christians lose their faith in college, no other curriculum so effectively prepares students to defend the Christian worldview against all its competitors. For more information, please click one of the links below.

UTT is a fear-mongering hoax.

UTT is a foul load of steaming, worthless propaganda. I marched away from that class with pomp and gusto, only to be shattered by reality time and again. The long-sighted aspect of the curriculum was that it taught students to expect defeat from the opposition. It taught that god would smile on you when the world scoffed and laughed.

Its agenda was, You will often feel like a failure before man, but god will smile on you and show you favor in heaven.

The class taught against homosexuality, all other religions except protestant, evangelical Christianity, anti-evolution, anti-science, and anti-progress, from the standpoint of intelligence. The class resources were source intensive. It armed kids with books other than the bible, which in a way seemed good.

With this information, I felt erudite and empowered! UTT taught that the gospel must seep into every aspect of a person’s life, because the secular heathen lifestyle (oh no!) was winning the culture wars. By every aspect, I mean, UTT wanted students to talk openly about UTT information at their jobs, at the post office, waiting in line at Walmart, every time he or she is in public, he or she should talk about how wrong the world is and how right Jesus is.

Like I said, the class made me gungho for Jesus. What I discovered was that people don’t need Jesus. They need love and that there is a HUGE difference.

One time, this kid, who I’ll mention again below, timed a situation perfectly that I would walk into the UTT classroom, he turned off the TV and said, “Did you hear the news. It was just on, but finished moments ago?”

“Hear what?”

“Scientists found the missing link. Evolution is TRUE!”

With no ounce of hyperbole in this description, I gasped, put my hands to my face, put my back against a wall, sunk to the floor and welled up with tears. He later admitted it was a joke. It was one of my first memories in which I let Christianity slide for a few minutes. Should evolution be true, it would render all UTT curriculum, Christianity and, essentially, Moffitt as a farce.

UTT is a joke, and no one’s laughing

UTT is why I told Wendy, my high school girlfriend, that her gay cousin and her parents were hellbound. UTT is why I stood up in my bible class at my Christian college and said, “The earth was created in literally 6 days.” I felt so stupid after that day after class discussion that I walked back to my dorm and cried in my pillow. In biology, I spoke a few times about creationism. What a mistake. When the facts of creation, of science, of the bible are presented in an academic situation, classes like UTT are flushed down the toilet.

Government Class, Robert’s Rules of Order and You

Moffitt also taught government class. Moffitt showed us movies like, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” He made us read books about the history of the Supreme Court, from a Christian perspective of course. For a month or so we held a mock congress.

The mock congress gave us experience with Robert’s Rules of Order, and helped us see how committees worked. Ironically, I was a designated to pretend that I was Dick Gephardt (D), and would act as the majority leader.

As a whole, the kids in our class had republican parents. The kid above who joked about the missing link, his parents leaned democrat. In a stealthy act of what now is hilarity, the class democrats (or maybe the republicans, I can’t remember) passed legislation that included an abortion legalization clause. Nearly the entire class was in tears that day. We were pathetic brainwashed idiots.

Moffitt preferred the Old Testament God

Moffitt’s teaching and administrative style was extremely authoritarian. My mom was authoritarian, and he outdid her by a factor of infinity. I was convinced he was compensating for something; I didn’t know what.

Moffitt claimed he slept only three hours a night. The rest of his waking hours he claimed he read incessantly. He boasted these things to prove he was the smartest guy in the room, which isn’t hard in a room of gullible, self described Christians. His mantra was practically that he completed the research so you wouldn’t have to.

The man was 6’4″ or 6’5″, 250 lbs. or more, and he sweated profusely. There were days when he’d walk by your desk, I nosed him, and my eyes would water from acrid body odor. He reeked. It got to the point that I held my breath as stomped past.

Once, one of my teachers for another class left early for a personal emergency. It was a small class and they put a few of us in different classrooms where seats were open. I sat in a classroom with a substitute teacher who wasn’t controlling a situation. Moffitt walked by noticing the disturbance. Out of frustration, he lost his temper (which was easy to do), and he issued everyone in the class a detention, including me.

I was the kid who never got detentions, so I made a private appointment with him and explained that I was simply sitting in the classroom, not remotely part of the disturbance. I was guilty by sheer coincidence that my teacher had a private emergency. Only a sleazy, repugnant, heartless reprobate would have said, “Life isn’t fair. Serve the detention.” That’s what he did.

Jesus loved people with grace, forgiveness and mercy. Moffitt did not.

Moffit should be removed from education for poorly and irresponsibly teaching students. He should issue an apology to all of them, and frankly, I think he should be sued for damages for swindling money from hard-working people to have him educate their children. While I grew up and learned how wrong he was, unfortunately gullible, naive parents fork out cash to send their kids into classrooms like his time and again.

UTT is an opportunity for failures like Moffitt to stuff kids with so much garbage that they ignorantly go out and do his dirty work.

Where is Moffitt now and who was googling him?

Like I said at the beginning of this post, someone was googling Moffitt, and it wasn’t him. It was a writer with a publication/blog called Mother Jones named David Corn. Corn wrote a story (link) about an Alaskan republican named Joe Miller and his extremely anti-gay adviser.

Who is this anti-gay adviser?

Dr. Terry Moffitt.

Corn bashes Moffitt for being even more extreme than most GOPers. Corn says, “… Miller did place on his campaign payroll a self-described “Christian educator” who leads a religious right organization so virulently anti-gay that it denounced Rush Limbaugh for hobnobbing with Elton John.”

If you look at Moffitt’s website Family Policy Network, he criticizes Glenn Beck. That’s huge.

Corn links to Le Café Witteveen and Moffitt’s webpage. I’ve been getting hit hard by Mother Jones readers, which speaks well for its readership.

On a poorly-made website, Moffitt lists an arsenal of services including (but not limited to): Christian School Accreditation Consulting, Christian School General Consulting, Church and Ministry General Consulting, Church and School Safety Audits, Radio and television interviews, Ghostwriting for individuals, organizations and businesses, and Consulting is regularly done in the areas of politics, security, education and ministry development.

His About page says:

Terry Moffitt has been called “The Christian Indiana Jones,” going where few Christians dare to tread.  Over the years he has found himself in the middle of wars in eight countries, had a contract put on his head by organized crime, received death threats from radical Islamic groups and been bitten by a very nasty spider in Australia. Through it all he has maintained both his love for Jesus Christ and his sense of humor

It’s important to point out that Moffitt’s website is poorly made. That’s how Christian excellence works. While the creator (Moffitt) published it and said, “It is good.” The rest of us look at it, tilt our heads and say, “What a half-assed piece of crap.” For the most part, Christian music, Christian art, the Christian aesthetic is an inferior version of secular excellence.

When I was a Christian, my goal was to help Christians overcome this stereotype and improve the Christian aesthetic. What I found was that the Christian worldview promotes half-assery as a virtue. As an artist, perfectionist and a professional, that’s a gigantic reason why I had to let Christianity go.

Perhaps that’s why Moffitt promotes it so diligently.

Terry Moffitt doth protest too much, methinks

Moffitt graduated from embarrassing himself before a classroom of students to embarrassing himself before the nation. Apparently he speaks publicly often, and his face can be seen flickering on FOX News.

Even worse, through an organization called Family Policy Network, he backs a website called HOPEFORHOMOSEXUALS.COM, an ignorant superfluity in backwards, bronze age thinking.

Among the myths of homosexuality, they list innate homosexuality twice.

Moffitt and his clan of defective, third-rate colleagues must sit around conference tables deep in the Yeshua Fog™ giving each other endless reach arounds pats on the back. Their piss-poor research isn’t based in science. Moffitt wouldn’t know science if it rammed him head on with a long-hard semi truck. His “science” reference is to a fellow named Joseph P. Gudel, who’s academic pursuit is furthering Christianity, not science.

This may be overly juvenile to use as a reference, but I’ve found a video (below) that is a perfect resource for idiots people who oppose homosexuality. The list of references on the video (I’ll post  them below the video) are examples of excellent scientific references. The video is done in a way to make it accessible to everyday Joes and Janes, well, Christians to be exact.

Terry Moffitt should be ashamed and humiliated for his lack of academic pursuit, his inability to face reality and for steering gullible minds into dangerous and unfounded thinking. But he’s not. Why? Because when the world makes fun of him, he thinks god smiles on him.

Sorry Mr. Moffitt, you were wrong back in the 90s, and you’re wrong now. The world isn’t scoffing and laughing. They are repelled and offended by advocating such ignorance. You are contributing to a caricature of Christianity that many good Christians are fighting to get rid of. You’re making the situation worse, not better. Repent, sir. It’s not too late to do the right thing.




What has Science discovered so far about the question over Homosexuality and its inheritable biologic or lifestyle choice debate? Is being Gay a choice? Or are people born Gay? Nature or Nurture?

fMRI scans suggest brain structure correlation between male homosexuals and female heterosexuals:……

On the Hormonal and Immunologic effects of intra-uterine development:…

PET scans demonstrate differences between Male heterosexual and homosexual limbic-hypothalamic reactions to pheromones:…

Identical Twin studies demonstrate statistical likelihood of inborn (genetic and/or intrauterine) causes:

J.M. Bailey and R.C. Pillard, “A genetic study of male sexual orientation,” Archives of General Psychiatry, vol. 48:1089-1096, December 1991.

Bailey, J. M. and D. S. Benishay (1993), “Familial Aggregation of Female Sexual Orientation,” American Journal of Psychiatry 150(2): 272-277.

Simon LeVay, “A difference in hypothalamic structure between heterosexual and homosexual men,” Science, vol. 253:1034-1037, 1991.

W. Byne and B. Parsons, “Human sexual orientation,” Archives of General Psychiatry, vol. 50:228-239, March 1993.…

fMRI studies demonstrate mirror neuron activity consistent with sexual preference:

Ponsetia, J., Bosinkia, H.A., Wolff, S., Peller, M., Jansen, O., Mehdorn, H.M., Büchel, & Siebner, H.R. (2006). A functional endophenotype for sexual orientation in humans. NeuroImage, 33, 825-833.

Mouras, H., Stoléru, S., Moulier, V., Pélégrini-Issac, M., Rouxel, R., Grandjean, B., Glutron, D., & Bittoun, J. (In Press). Activation of mirror-neuron system by erotic video clips predicts degree of induced erection: an fMRI study. NeuroImage.

Hypothalamic estrogen receptors play an important role in mice sexual preferences:…

Homosexuality common and prevalent in Nature (other non-technological animals):……………

On the discussion over the deletion of the Infant Child Sexual Identity Disorder nomenclature from medical literature:……

American Academy of Psychiatry on Same-Sex Marriage:…

American Academy of Psychoanalysis:…

American Academy of Pediatrics:……

American Academy of Psychology:…

American Academy of Child Psychiatry:…

Homosexual copulation – in flour beetles, at least – gives males a chance to indirectly fertilise females they may never actually meet:…

Bisexuality passed on by ‘hyper-heterosexuals’: ‘Gay genes’ persist because female relatives of homosexual and bisexual men have more children than those of straight men:…

Gay brains structured like those of the opposite sex; Brain scans have provided the most compelling evidence yet that being gay or straight is a biologically fixed trait:…

Gay brains are hard-wired at birth; Homosexual men and women’s brains mirror the structure and activity patterns of the brains of straight people from the opposite gender:…

New Scientist resource page on the Science of Homosexuality:…

Joan Roughgarden discusses natural selection, social selection, and the role of homosexuality in human evolution:…

5 thoughts on “Incoming links, homophobia, old school teachers and you

  1. There are so many parents who unknowingly enroll their children in private “Christian” schools thinking their children will get a better education. IMO, most faith-based schools are operated FOR BIG PROFIT, and to continue the superstitions of their religion for future tithes. Religion is big business. It would be even more profitable if the fundie “Christians” succeed in their goal to replace public education with their version of “education”.
    Thank you for posting this information about Terry Moffitt. Any time these hypocrites can be exposed, all the better the world will become.

    Personally, I wonder if Terry Moffitt is Joe Miller’s personal trainer/curer?

  2. I appreciate your writing this post on Terry Moffitt, and am glad you had the ability to recognize his way is not the proper way. It was interesting that in the hearing in California with respect to Prop 8 (I think that was the number) concerning gay marriage, the homophobs were unable to come up with any viable testimony with respect to their position. Their few “experts” had no research to back up any of their claims; it was limited to what they probably heard from people like Rikkers and Moffitt. With so many self-styled Christians being homophobic and being so heavily invested in preventing gay marriage, your post answers the question as to why they were not better prepared. It appears they’re just too wrapped up in their own misguided beliefs and stupidity to recognize that facts are not on their side.

    Thanks for sharing your very interesting story.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience (I almost wrote ‘testimony’) and research.
    As a [[gay]] fundamentalist Jesus Freak in the early 1970s I experienced a fair amount of the same sort of indoctrination, in my case self-induced. I watched the growing anti-gay movement among California fundamentalists and found myself increasingly uncomfortable with the beliefs and actions of fellow Christians.
    Again, Thanks, and
    Be Well,
    Bob Griffin

  4. Thanks to all of you for reading and for the feedback.

    I’ve been wanting to write more about Moffitt for some time, and this has definitely been an opportunity to do that.

    All the best,


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