Muslims wear clothes and stuff

Last week I had a conversation on facebook about not perpetuating the pejorative stereotype that seeing a person in Muslim garb equals a reason to become frightened. The conversation was typical, cliché conservative-flavored xenophobia from a guy suspending his disbelief in reality.

One guy admitted that he too gets a tingle in his sphincter when he sees a dude in a dress and head scarf. I held up a picture of the pope, and he completely lost his shit.

Then I showed him a tranny with a couture scarf on his head and he punched my lights out.

The debate points are moot, and conservatives who are screaming about NPR firing Juan Williams over his comments on O’Reilly are wasting their breath.

I mean, here’s a photo of two of the hijackers from 9/11:




Pretty scary right? I know! That’s why I hated working in corporate America. Everyday, I feared for my life. One time the printer toner exploded and I dove under my desk.

I agreed with NPR for firing Juan Williams. O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, they don’t care about the truth. Their base followers already have a fear-based picture of the world. Adding one more fear-laden concept to the list doesn’t hurt any of them, unless of course you agree that fear-mongering is harmful. Then they just look like a selfish bunch of teeth chattering imbeciles.

By the way, here are other Muslims wearing clothes (sometimes not) too:

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Via Reddit, The Daily and Pictures of Muslims wearing things

FCKH8 (Warning – you will be offended)

Is it odd that I wasn’t offended by this video, not even by the kids saying “fuck” nor by the same sex kissing. “Fuck” is only a word designated evil by who knows. Name one Christian who doesn’t use an alternate form or euphemism of that word. People might as well say it. It’s a great word and useful in so many situations.

This video is a must watch. Pass it along.

What to do when your son / daughter / spouse is an atheist

I stumbled upon a great video this morning (below). It is advice from a self-described former atheist who has since become a theist. The video details what to do when loved ones say they are atheist.

I know what you’re thinking. Surely she wasn’t a real atheist, if she became a Christian, right?

Do you realize how dumb that sounds? So anyone who says, “He or she wasn’t a real Christian,” give it up. It’s just a dumb thing to say.

As for the video, I agree with the first point, and that’s to read all you can from atheist sources. Sure, read Christian sources. Also read buddhist, muslim, and wiccan sources. Expose yourself to ALL ideas about religion. Really picture yourself trying those religions out. Otherwise, you won’t know or understand what it means to practice your own faith in a world full of other belief systems.

I would also add something to this woman’s advice: Don’t think you should change an atheist’s mind. Sure, pray all you want. Have hope. All that stuff. But if the Christian isn’t open to the atheist’s ideas, it’s a shot in the dark to convert an atheist.

Don’t forget, the Christian already knows what it’s like to be an atheist. An atheist just adds one more triune god to the list.

Besides, what I’ve found is that my family refuses to talk to me about it. It appears like it’s fear, but I have no idea what it is. I would imagine they are concerned about it, and it comes up in their personal conversations. Oh well.

Anyway, here’s the video:

I have to throw out there that the comments are closed on this video. I don’t understand how Christianity can survive if it continues to close itself off to criticism.