Become a premium subscriber, and learn to love Christ more deeply

I love this video (below). Grandstanding Catholic Michael Voris explains that the world needs a Catholic Monarchy. He also explains why atheists are full of hate and foul hate speech.

I’ve been called names before. Just yesterday, I was reviewing this post and noticed the first commenter called me vile. Ouch.

But a Catholic calling for a Catholic Monarchy and calling it love? The irony is thick, isn’t it?

Voris wants to do away with Islam, Buddhism, every world religion you can think of, including Protestants (yes, you Yeshua Foggers™). Everyone must conform to Catholic orthodoxy (straight thinking), because one way = love.

Can’t we just cuddle, Michael, or must you always prod me with your scepter?

Don’t you LOVE when Voris loves you? Voris doesn’t hate these other ways of thought that he wants to eradicate. Eliminating other perspectives is “love.” Why can’t you see that? He wants to love you into thinking the same thing he does.

I used to say this in early posts on this blog, but I need to start using it again. Although, maybe its succinctness confused people. I used to say, “Unconditional love with a condition, ceases to be unconditional.” Perhaps I need to change that phrasing to be more verbose and hand your hand for a while.

Let’s try:

When the definition of Unconditional Love includes a condition which is hell, Unconditional Love no longer qualifies as unconditional.

What gross amount of suspension of disbelief must you maintain to think telling people they’re hellbound = unconditional love? That’s not freedom, it’s tyranny. Call it what it is and go light a candle.

This is the kind of freedom I bellyache about here at Le Café a lot. Get ready, because you’re going to love this video. Love love love it. Especially the part at the end when it tells you to pay to become a premium subscriber so that you can love Jesus more.

Nice hair, Rod Blagojevich.

Via Pharyngula


5 thoughts on “Become a premium subscriber, and learn to love Christ more deeply

  1. Wow – Voris is just a “B” away from “Vorbis”. Life imitates art – in a frighteningly prophetic way.

    The first one who can identify this reference wins teh Internet!

    1. I have no clue what you’re talking about.

      I waited all day to respond thinking someone might pipe up.

      I wanted to win the internet so badly.

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