DJ gave us nightmares again

About a week ago, a “friend” posted a video of a little person kid lip syncing to the Usher song “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love Again.”

I watched the video at the time, and I’ve heard the song since.

Last night, I had nightmares about the video my “friend” posted. And now I want you to have nightmares. I’m posting this mother fucker.

Watch it! If you don’t have nightmares in seven days, consider it a … miracle!



Peanut butter Talulah time


Time for an update about Talulah, eh?

Talulah’s doing great. She’s come a long way in a couple months.

One of the things that has bothered me was a touch of separation anxiety. She got over us leaving the house fairly quickly. At first she’d bark barks of death and destruction. Now she’s cool. We can leave for hours, and she’s fine. She loves her crate and often goes in without us telling her.

However, when we’re at home and I would leave the room, she couldn’t stand it. She’s finally to the point where if I get up to fill my water, she’ll stay until I get back. She no longer has to watch me pee (the perv), and she’ll let me water the plants without dying to come outside.

She’s come leaps and bounds while walking on her lead. She’s still not there. But last night I took her around the block, and she stayed by my side for the most part. It helps that she was exercised, of course. While walking, she gets excited by little birds, other dogs, or if we near the bar where I play pool. Otherwise, her head is up and she’s proudly traipsing along beside me.

Her main tricks are sit, laydown, shake and high five. High five is the newest trick. Our friends taught their dogs to “dance” which we’ve started doing too. It’s hard because it requires teaching the difference between jumping up and being asked to come up.

She’s only allowed on furniture if we ask her. And she’s only allowed off the deck’s first step if I let her. If she’s on the porch alone, she’ll stare off into the distance without any barrier holding her back from running away. I love that.

The one major thing we have to work on is “drop it.” Yesterday, we were at the dog park and another dog owner came in and threw a ball with a squeaker inside. Talulah will not drop some toys, and this is one of them. I had no treats with me, and she was ruining this guy’s ball. We tried and tried to pry her mouth open, do that trick where you roll her skin over her teeth. She was clamped down and no authoritative figure could change that.

Something interesting keeps coming up. On walks, people have asked me if she’s a red-nosed Pit. I’ll say, “I don’t know. I mean, I guess she has a reddish/pinkish nose.” Just yesterday these bratty kids asked me, “Is she a red-nosed pit?”, and I made a mental note to look it up.

I researched it this morning, and it seems to be a myth in some communities to say a pit is either red or blue. Check here toward the bottom of the page for more info.

She attracts a lot compliments wherever we go. “She’s beautiful.” and “What a great dog.” and “You must be an awesome person, because you have an awesome dog!”


I’m the proud papa of a red-nosed pit bull boxer named Talulah.


CUP Contest #4 (via Biodork)

If you’re not following biodork’s Close Up Photo Contest (CUP), I’m afraid you’re getting left in the dust.

Last night, I answered correctly that the current shot was a toilet paper roll. I got a 100 more points, to bring my total up to 220, because of some excellent point-delivering techniques from bio to the dee to the ork.

Take a little time on her blog. She recently wrote about going to see President Obama.

You should read it!

CUP Contest #4 What is this a close-up photograph (CUP) of?  First correct answer earns 100 internet points!  Visit the CUP Winners page to see previous contests and who is currently in the lead.     … Read More

via Biodork