Maintain fear!

We dropped Talulah off this morning at our friends’ house about 6:30. We stopped for a cup of coffee and hit the highway.

We’re making good time. Right now we are outside of Cleveland about halfway to our hotel.

It’s amazing how slow the world becomes outside of the city. We stopped at a McD’s about 10 a.m. and we painfully waited in line for two egg mcmuffins and a tarred-tooth smile.

We are deep in the Yeshua Fog. On the radio, I stopped on a station. The man’s voice was singing about dancing in mine fields for Jesus. You can ask Tina. Someone please look it up and post a comment. I’m on my iPhone and I’ll be driving again in a minute while Tina works on a project in the passenger seat.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Maintain fear!

    1. Thanks. I can’t see the video. It’s not supported on iPhone. Did you have a chance to listen to it? Am I nuts or is that about the craziest song ever recorded?

      1. Craziest song ever recorded? Well, Rossini’s little-known opera “Adina” has a song called “Fortunate Strawberries” (fragolette fortunate).

        There’s a reason why it’s not one of his better-known works! 😀

  1. At first listen is sounds more like a story of young love being blind, but the “promise” (marriage) is worth the Commitment. It of course compares the commitment of marriage to the example set by Jesus and his devotion to his children.

    1. I finally had a chance to listen to this song, and I’m laughing to myself. Or maybe at myself.

      When we flipped to the station playing the song, we heard the final bars of the song with only the hook.

      Out of context, all I thought was the song was encouraging dudes to go to war.

      I had no freaking clue it had to do with marriage.

      What an awful song.

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